H.G. Wells, Wikipedia and the World Brain Matrix

While H.G. Wells has been popularized to today’s generations as a profoundly prophetic science fiction writer, he was known in his day as a very busy boy getting the New World in Order…literally.

An outspoken proponent of everything global, Wells pushed a consistent theme of a global community and held a deep disdain for common humanity, a typical elitist eugenicist trait which he also championed.

Why was he so spot on with his forecasts, be it technology or societal changes? Could his membership in secretive clubs and societies have anything to do with it?


Same old same old, who are we kidding. Things don’t just happen, they’re planned. Way in advance. By the time society fully wakes up to that it may just be too late. Even though it’s gone on for centuries, if not millennia, it’s too much for most to bear.

Cowards. Anyway you look at it, someone not willing to face the Truth is a coward.

Of course there’s hope for anyone– there’s always Now to discover your eternal self connected to all the Universe. Therein lies our key to freedom.

But people have to decide to take it.

H.G. Wells.  Sense the stench of elitist arrogance? Armchair engineers deciding your fate. Like that? They’re still here!

The Plan Unfolds

Here are some self-explanatory excerpts from an excellent paper on Wells’ World Brain theory.

In 1938, aged 72, H.G. Wells published in American and English editions his little book of essays and speeches titled, World Brain. At this time of his life, Wells was an internationally famous literary figure. His books, fiction and nonfiction alike, were popular and widely translated. He had access to the leading statesman of his day.

Wells was a utopian social reformer. He was intrigued by socialism and was caught up for a time before the First World War with Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and others in the Fabian Society. After the War he became increasingly and passionately dedicated to the idea that a new kind of world order was needed. In this connection he witnessed the rise of fascism and the Russian communist State with a curious ambivalence. As contemptuously critical as he was, especially of the fascist dictators, he seemed on occasion to suggest that their totalitarian regimes represented stages in the evolution of the new kind of single, unified World State that he believed was an inevitable.

And to address the generations to come of transhumanism and the global mind:

…Wells spoke of the gradual appearance “in the species Homo Sapiens” of “synthetic super-minds… into which individual consciousnesses tend to merge themselves.” These super-individual organisations, are cultures, churches, communities, states, classes and creeds, and they represent “accumulations of mentality.” Wells suggested that current trends seem to suggest that these are “coalescing”. They seem to be heading towards “an ultimate unification into a collective human organism, whose knowledge and memory will be all science and all history, which will synthesize the pervading will to live and reproduce into a collective purpose of continuation and growth.”

Wanna know where this monster Wells is going with all this?

In a later book, The Shape of Things to Come, he portrayed the adaptive processes at work in human society as overcoming “the inherent distaste in the individual for subordination and self-sacrifice.”  To ensure the success of the new social order that is beginning to appear in the twenty-first century “man’s life and interests have been socialised against his natural disposition.” This is described as a subversive individualism. In the future Wells’s believed that “the obscurer processes of selection” will be “accelerated and directed by eugenic effort” and man will eventually become a new species (p. 426) 

Betcha didn’t know all that.

Notice the Illuminist unfinished Tower of Babel inference….

 The World Encyclopedia is Now

[Wells] believed that his ” modern encyclopaedism” constituted a “scheme for the reorganization and reorientation of education and information throughout the world. No less” (Wells, 1938, p17). It would involve assembling, he declared, “facts and suggestions with the same insistence upon scientific reality and the same exclusion of irrelevancies that has controlled the establishment of the world outlook that I have put before the reader.” ibid.

Wikipedia and all of it’s suspect roots is only a part of this. Clearly Wiki’s a globalist-sponsored amassing of information from the get go is definitely a world dominist agenda at work. No one trusts their information, yet you’re reliant on it for quick definitions. Clever assimilation of info, all according to plan.

It’s the World Encyclopedia on steroids as predicted/foretold/instructed by Wells.

More profoundly, the matrix of information that H.G. Wells forecast is alive and well in the overall Internet, safely and fully controlled by the NSA and every nefarious information gathering body in the black-hearted, black-op world. The info-giants like Google are all part of it.

They all know it. But it’s no skin off their noses, it’s just the way it is to the cold-hearted executioners of this master plan.

The amazing thing is reading it so specifically forecast in the well publicized words of H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw and other Fabian Society members way back when makes it clear the plan is long term and carefully followed through.

Eugenics is the Lifeblood of the Globalist Elites

In order to have their utopian society, the elites must clear out the underbrush…the undesirables, the unclean, the disadvantaged….as if they had nothing to do with their making. The arrogant hypocrisy is beyond description, but suffice it to say we need to identify these parasites for who they are and bring to light their nefarious undertakings.

Wells and many others were part of bringing these machinations to fruition. What’s amazing in examining this evolution of structure is how smoothly these parasites have been able to pull this off, generation after generation. That sneaky, slithery nature is so akin to the Satanic underpinnings of the elite class it’s undeniable.

It’s Almost Over – Time to Drive the Stake In

Truth cannot be trumped, despite all their long term plans. We’ve covered this many times, these bastards are long-term planners and motivated and empowered by we know not what, but it’s not good, and it’s long term.

So what.

This part of their agenda is just another piece of the puzzle of their multi-pronged oppression of mankind. History has been bastardized, blacked out and adulterated. The U.S. school system never mentioned eugenics or what else H.G. Wells was preaching. It’s typical.

Just learn from this. It’s only touching on another aspect. Getting the big picture is what it’s all about.

Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. Be bold in your convictions.

Love always, Zen

Sources:  http://people.lis.illinois.edu/~wrayward/Wellss_Idea_of_World_Brain.htm

Uploaded from:  http://www.zengardner.com/h-g-wells-wikipedia-and-the-world-brain-matrix

19 comments on “H.G. Wells, Wikipedia and the World Brain Matrix

  1. Pingback: Bilderberg 2015: Huxley’s Brave New World and Ultimate Revolution on Steroids | COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

    • When I posted the angel with the arrow in its back, it just seemed to fit the situation. Not that I am angelic, but I believe that I am targeted for being good and because they have not been able to corrupt or turn me. I have a very interesting start to this life and come from one of those bloodlines. Its either be used and be like them (the rest of my family) or be targeted, like me and my son. We were both set-up from day #1.

      Your avatar is like you–its deep, symbolic and makes you think. Very cool!

  2. Damn. I didn’t know about HG Wells. Thank you for the free education.
    Will the few of us who are awake be enough to take down the conglomerate of wanna-be gods?
    We really have to do something other than talk.

    • H.G. Wells is an interesting study for sure. He wrote blueprints for what we are experiencing and dubious fiction about technology that has since been developed and may have existed in our ancient past.

      Personally, I think that only the hand of God can control the ebb and flow of destruction on the earth. This is all written about in the Bible and covers to the end of this age and beyond. The writing is on the wall and the question to me is, Who will take a stand knowing that they will be asked to pay the ultimate cost?

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Lynn

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. How interesting that report is and I just found it recently. I find H.G. Wells a fascinating read and study, too. I had not heard of the Mind at the End of the Tether book and I went on another study and search looking it up. just the titles that this Freemason Fabian Socialist used are illuminating. Its all there between the writings of H. G. Wells, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, isn’t it?

      Thanks again for sharing. God bless and be well!

      • Oh wow… I just figured out what your avatar is.
        Also, the image you used in this article, to represent eugenics hits the nail on the head, with regards to the belief of the wealthiest 2%…
        “eugenics is the self direction of human evolution”…. this is what allows these evil scum to sleep at night, I suspect.

      • Mind Control by Carolina Gynning

        This is an artwork by Carolina Gynning called Mind Control. I had a very strong reaction to it and felt that it conveyed my emotions and sadness over what has been done to me. Thanks for noticing.

        Over the years, I’ve wondered how it is that the perpetrators can look themselves in the mirror or sleep at night. I finally gave-up because there is no way that I will ever be able to comprehend this level of psychopathy no matter how hard or long I try. No matter how it is labeled, it is the use of black magic, alchemy, hypnotism and of a sadistic, hypocritical hive to subvert and destroy individual human lives. And may all who participate be plagued with nightmares and thoughts that they cannot quell of how this can, and very well may end up turning against them and their families. If that happened, they would have the blood of their own family members on their hands, although as in my case, some of them already do.

        May the truth in love prevail. Peace~Lynn

      • Oh cool… I was referring to the one you use for wordpress, but now I know that is your avatar in another forum.

        Re: what lets them sleep at night…. they think nothing of it, I have surmised…. after watching some of the nature shows out there. They simply see themselves as predators & use rituals such as “the cremation of care” to alleviate any guilt. They offer their own up to the sacrifice as well…. so they can say that they made a sacrifice. As an adoptee, and considering the depth of sickness regarding the occult mind control I have been under, I would not be surprised if I was one such child.

        You and I cannot comprehend it because we have been mind controlled to be their food… sort of like cows or sheep. In fact, my implants are located in a similar place to what they do to cows.

      • LOL, I can hardly keep myself straight on what I’ve read and seen and where.

        Many of the handler types in my life have displayed flippant sadistic grins and seem to have an us vs. them mentality. They are in “the club” and I am not and so its full-throttle sabotage, theft, vandalism, torture and slander with seemingly maniacal glee. They are all involved in something that gives them power and makes them feel that they are better and more prosperous. Some seem to have no problem sacrificing their own parents. I find many answers in the Bible and explanations for what is happening and what will happen. You’re a beautiful soul, Mu. I wish you the best.

        I think that we don’t get it because we are fundamentally different and we could never be mind controlled to kill and destroy people.

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