Lesson on FBI, CIA, Informants, Activists, Provocateurs, Infiltrators, Deceivers & Disinformation Agents

This is an excellent video describing the techniques that disinformation agents, informants, shills, double agents and all paid infiltrators and perpetrators use to discredit, subvert, obfuscate and undermine the truth, legitimate targeted individuals and organizations.

This is a must watch for targeted individuals as they are most likely being manipulated and undermined in this way–either personally or through an organization that they belong to or have reached out to for help. All real targets experience this because it is part of what Linda Lesker–a known CoIntelPro operative and disinformation agent–calls “The Operation”.


InformantIn this video, thepostnihilist describes how Disinformation Agents, Perpetrators, Informants and Provocateurs infiltrate into organizations and into individual lives.


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2 comments on “Lesson on FBI, CIA, Informants, Activists, Provocateurs, Infiltrators, Deceivers & Disinformation Agents

  1. Did you happen to copy that 5 hours? I’d be interested in hearing it & by the way she reads this all the time. I’m having major problems with her too… her screaming, and allowing false-TIs to take over her calls for months has me questioning what is going on.. I do not like how she talks to me, either.

  2. I’m aware now, having witnessed the chaos on talkshoe… I’m at a full-blown loss. Not one to be fast to judge, even when I’m shouted off, quite frankly, I’m having major issues too with the same person you speak of out here and do not know what to think… I’m on the fence because I know you’re right, yet I think she’s fighting some form of mind control, too. Matter of fact, I think most have been infected with all of the chemicals from the sky (Chemtrails), and all the weapons and frequencies we’re dealing with… lately, I’m finding myself telling her to stop with all the yelling, as its all I hear of which I never put up with prior, and certainly not now… remember Lynn, this is a spiritual battle by seriously low, low assassination teams, trained for years using ‘mind control’ and ‘trickery…’ on all of us. God bless you. I sure do miss chatting with you and your support. I am behind your feelings, just confused… and certain everyone’s under hybrid manipulations — we’re living in a time like no other, like in the day’s of Noah. I’d love to hear from you but will not put my phone number out here… PS – there isn’t one call now w/Linda where there isn’t trouble. In other words, its not just you my friend. Lissa

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