Big Brother does not have your interests at heart

This is an excellent essay on the lack of privacy and diminishing rights we have in our “Big Brother” culture, which panders to voyeurs, perverts, opportunists and criminals.


Privacy isn’t merely good taste, a social affectation. It is a form of protective social barrier, an assertion of a boundary between the private individual against the dangers of group intrusion. And those group intrusions are generally of a destructive nature. People usually don’t meddle in your life to do you any good. When strangers accost you on the street, it is not usually so they can give you a fiver.

That is why people protect their privacy, because that privacy protects them.

We learn these lessons young. As children our parents warned against talking to strangers, specifically to be aware that a stranger who seeks to be over-familiar to you, will likely be a threat.

Young women get additional advice. My parents warned me, don’t give your entire name to strangers; don’t reveal your address; don’t reveal that you live alone; and when you go on holiday, try and…

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