Video on Demonic Gangstalking & Targeting by Secret Societies

Ephesians 5-11While it isn’t necessary to watch this video, I would encourage everyone to listen to it as it explains in detail what is happening on this earth regarding the targeting of humanity.

We are suffering through the most demonic of times and these targeting programs serve the enemy’s purposes for both the torturers and those of us who are being targeted and maligned, tortured and persecuted.

I know many of you may be downtrodden because you have had experiences with churches and Christians that have hurt you, skewed your perceptions of the Lord and made you distrust God and His Word.

Those who truly seek the Truth with an open heart and mind will find it and will discover that everything has been manipulated to deceive you and to inadvertently or knowingly get you to pay homage to the Babylonian Mystery religion hidden within today’s religions and throughout all societies and institutions.  We are experiencing the happenings of Biblical prophecy coming to fruition right before our very eyes and the setting up of the one world government that the Biblical prophecies warned us about and what New Age philosophers and teachers have been working on for millennia.

We must seek the Truth with all our heart and mind in order to not be deceived by the false prophets and teachings of this modern, global Babylonian Mystery system that is being instituted to fulfill end times prophecies and to bring to fruition Satan’s final plan to enslave humanity.  Satan/Lucifer’s plan is to get us to worship him through false prophets and laws that will make us break God’s laws; thus, condemning us to the eternal wages of sin–death.

Please, open your heart and your mind to the Truth and to the only true God that created the heavens and the earth and came to bring us redemption and hope through the example and sacrifice of His Son Yeshua.  To know the Son is to know the Father.  May Yahweh bless and guide those who earnestly seek the Truth–Yeshua– in this most deceptive age.

Shalom and love~Lynn

10 comments on “Video on Demonic Gangstalking & Targeting by Secret Societies

  1. Lissahumane
    If I never had experienced gangstalking/electronic harassment I never would’ve believed in this stuff. I used to write off demons and angels as stuff ancient people. Believed in because I thought they were naive. Now however I believe in demons and angels. I do not believe all gangstalking is carried out strictly by technology or even people paid to act out skits. I believe initially technology and some abusive psychology is used but thereafter I think demons posess perps and the people have no memory of why they said or did the skit/ harassment. I think it’s demons. When I’ve seen their eyes they have a dead look to them but their smiles and enjoyment is sickenening and surreal.

  2. Were you originally of Huntington beach (apt?) – we met long prior to linda’s calls if you can think back. Also, I’m going to put photos up tonight online of actual demonic entities as well as Christ with the Lamb holding John the Baptist, and Michael who came back as a White Buffalo from a messenger who’s told to go out at night and film these dark images roaming behind trees and cemetery stones to inform all of us that his people have failed miserably, and the end is here.

    • Yes! I lived in Huntington Beach and that’s where the targeting increased and became obvious. You were one of the first people that I found online in 2007 or 2008 as I began my research. There were far fewer blogs back then and you were on top of it!

      I totally agree with you, Lissa, the end it near and we are about to go through what the Bible calls, the great tribulation. You have so much knowledge! I am so pleased that you are back at your blogging since you were targeted and hospitalized.

      God bless you as you fulfill your purpose in these last days!

      • Sending lots of love and gratitude, humbly… May God send his most blessed to you, too! We are the most aware around and while it may seem strange, I agree with Zeph Daniels on Youtube… and Jonathan Kleck at YT… I am glad I am targeted, for if we were not, we wouldn’t know like the rest.

        I get where you are coming from and am behind you 110%. Don’t thank me, thank the real messenger. Photos will be uploaded tonight after 2am when bandwidth if better. I think I’ll entitled it what it is – Final Warnings from our Lord.

      • Thank you for sending me love and blessings from the most high, Lissa.
        We are blessed to participate in the sufferings of Yeshua.
        If it weren’t for this targeting program, I would probably still have a foot in the world looking for acceptance and affirmation from humanity. I am sure that one day I will learn that this was allowed to happen in order to save me and pull me out of the world.

        Thank you for your support–it means more to me than you’ll ever know!

        I look forward to seeing the photos and to whatever you have to share, Lissa. Our time is short and everything hidden is being revealed. These are the last days and its time to make no compromises and for sharing the good news of Yeshua our Savior. May he guide and strengthen you until the end.

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