IMPORTANT VIDEO of Official Meeting to Address Poisoning of our Skies, Waters & Soils with Chemtrails

On July 15, 2014, the largest public assembly ever in Shasta, California of concerned scientists–biologists, chemists, biologists, meteorologists–airline pilots, activists and residents gathered to persuade city officials to publicly expose geoengineering.  Dane Wigington, lead researcher for presents the somber results from numerous scientific quantitative tests regarding the dispersal of aluminum, strontium and barium, manganese and other nanoparticles in the atmosphere.  The point is made that naturally occurring aluminum is never found in its free form (like it is now being ubiquitously found), but rather bonded to other elements.

It is in the record that N.O.A.A.,the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, claims that the atmosphere is full of particulates and that they don’t know where they are coming from.  Also, N.A.S.A. has patents for geoengineering and calls the program “solar radiation management”.  N.A.S.A. admits that injecting sulfate particulates into the atmosphere causes ozone depletion and the data shows a huge hole in the ozone layer corresponding to their use, which in turn causes very dangerous solar UV radiation levels.  They are asking for the contamination and elevated UV levels be disclosed to the public.

Corresponding to the use of aluminum in aerial spraying dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and autism levels have increased by 10,000%.

When you aerosolize the storm track–and the science backs this up–you diminish and disperse the rain. This is not seeding to create rain, its seeding to create artificial cloud cover.  Because there’s too many condensation nuclei, it tends to disperse exactly as we’ve seen over California. When you have too many particles in the air it tends to migrate moisture from one area to another creating drought and deluge.  This is very well documented in every major science institution–from M.I.T., Scientific American and others–these effects are known.  It is not a uniform effect. It tends to disrupt the hydrological cycle completely so when you spray upstream in the storm track, it tends to migrate the moisture elsewhere where it comes down in a deluge. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen with the drought in California and flooding in the Midwest.

These are dark (secret) military operations and the whole ecosystem is collapsing.  All living organisms now contain these atmospheric aerosol nanoparticles that are deadly and poisonous.

How did Monsanto know to create aluminum resistant plants?

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