4 comments on “OS:EH Chart

  1. Greetings from Finland. Above list applies here too – felt and seen it in total. I call it a full scale attack on my personal life. I have practically lost everything. So apparently it works – at least for people who are not aware of it – like me. Thnx for the page

    • Thank you very much for your comment! I hope that you don’t know about this firsthand.

      This is my 10th year of heavy perpetration and ruination of everything that I do and have. I am in the process of making a list so that people can know the extensiveness of what we are talking about here.

      I thank God for his grace and mercy that we can shine the light of truth upon the depravity of this disgrace to humanity and lead through loving example in this dark age. Jesus lives!

      God bless you~

    • Hi Janet!

      Thanks for your support! Spread the word of truth about what is going on. Mainstream media won’t touch this, but Deborah Dupree from The Examiner.com, reports stories on targeted individuals.

      God bless you and yours~

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