Payoffs of Working for the Synagogue of Satan

2012, My 50th Year

This year started off with cat blood, heavy vandalism and me reaching a point of intrepidness over the parade of gangsters who parade in and out of my life–cops, Freemasons, business leaders with control over parts of my world, lawyers, realtors, UPS & Federal Express, US Bank managers, locksmiths, and every other weak person who parasitically is feeding off of me.

Facts are that the Lord has used these evil crimes and all of the orchestrated chaos to wake me up and  build my Christian character. Growth is never easy or painless and truth tellers have been silenced throughout time. Also, the sadistic tactics used in organized gang stalking and electronic mind control were devised years ago and used throughout history. Not to minimize this most cruel program, but it is a matter of history repeating itself–again. Technological advances in mind control/behavioral control weapons are what distinguish the current torture matrix from what the detainees and death camp victims experienced in Nazi Germany–and the distinction is huge.

Its been 10 full months of absolute pain, torture and a total lack of safety in this, my 10th year of heavy targeting. I began blogging and started getting heavy doses of radiation along with radical directed energy attacks. I was shielding from the directed energy attacks but was unaware of the radiation being pumped through my walls and came down with full-blown radiation sickness.

The Lord requires that my intentions and motivations be as pure as possible in reporting these crimes on this blog. I have taken a long time to wait out all desires for revealing them out of revenge or hurt or any other impure reason. These are very serious life threatening and life killing crimes and no one is an island–even our perpetrators. They lead secret lives hidden from their loved ones and many others around them. This is the reason that I reveal myself and my name throughout my blog as it adds credence to my story and allows me to also reveal those who choose to perpetrate crimes against me.

Anton the Perp Shows Off

Anton has totally been avoiding walking in front of our apartment on the walking path of the Esplanade. I have only seen him 3 times over recent weeks; two of those being within the last week. Today, I saw him walking along the low tide line at 3:15 pm. In the past, he usually is off of his perp duties with me and goes for lunch and probably a debriefing session. I won’t go into it now, but my perps are trying to create reasons for me to have to leave my apartment in a hurry and I won’t/can’t do it. I believe that Anton took a late break because he hoped that I would leave.

When I saw him on the beach for the first time obviously avoiding walking by my windows, I just had to take pictures. The low tide was extreme and he was very far away but he was looking and saw me in my apartment. As usual, he fumbles in his pocket for his camera, retrieves it and does his whole, “perp twisting the tables routine and pretending that his long time target is really his perp instead” schtick. Cute little counter moves like that are relatively entertaining to me at this point. Meanwhile, watch the weasels scatter and avoid your gaze. They exhibit many signs of psychopathy and that everything is a manipulative game or a skit in their life, is a sad reality about the substance of their character’s.

Sunday, I went to the apartment that I am trying to move into and when I got back, I noticed a car parked at the end of our narrow community driveway. I thought nothing of it as I proceeded to pulled within 10 feet of it and backed into my garage. Since I have the security problems that I have, unloading the car takes a long time as I try to carry everything (including my cat) with me in one wide and weighty trip.

It took a good 4 minutes to unload on Sunday. As I was almost to the stairwell, who pops up from behind the front of the car that I now noticed was brand new, but the Anton Lavey look alike perp. I was within feet of not even knowing that it was his new car and he decides to flaunt his new payoff for his lazy surveillance and speeder levels of obsessive/compulsive troll-like vandalism of me and my life!

Why would he do that? He wants me to know, of course. His narcissistic pride and neurotic ego needs drove him to pop-up and boldly claim his prize before his victim. I figured that, if exposing the situation was that important to him, I should go get my camera and see if I could help share his enthusiasm with the world.

He wasn’t so exuberant when I came from behind the corner as he was polishing his new wheels and took his picture. Once again, I got from him, “Hey Lady, what’s your problem?” As I got to the opening of the stairwell I said, “I don’t have one,” and he retorted, “Oh, yes you do–you have a few.”

I have no problem exposing these gang criminals, no matter how self-important they are or popular with fellow operatives of their satanic order. I have had death threats for years delivered through various creative means and efforts. I have a few posts on that in my head.

Meanwhile, the persecution of the saints continues and innocent blood is being shed. But God tells us that we need not worry that all these events–man-made chaos and satanic bloodletting is a sign that we are closer to the great Day of the Lord. For someone in my position,  I know that God is preparing me for what is to come every day and I suffer gladly for HIS and no man’s honor, nor satanic being’s, nor Lucifer himself.

In the end, it’s about proclaiming my love of God and my faith and acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for me on the cross, thereby giving me direct access to the Godhead. It’s about whatever God asks of me that I may live my life for him, actualizing his plan. I pray that I will be able to claim in the day that I pass that, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” ~2 Timothy 4:10

May God bless and draw near to all targets around the world and reveal his glorious peace to them along their arduous journey as they, too, fight the good fight of faith.

How do you go about life with 24/7 electromagnetic radiation, directed energy weapon hits & surveillance?

Life can be a challenge–seemingly insurmountable. After the bogus lawsuit that my ex-husband filed 10 years ago, my life seemed to plummet from glorious to the utter depths of gloom. That’s not easy to do to a woman who was programmed through trauma-based mind control as a child and whose programming began to break 26 years ago. Since then, I have been on a self-discovery and educational journey to claim and reclaim the life that I was programmed not to have.

I got pregnant and married my boyfriend who was a very stingy and controlling man–big surprise. I had two wonderful children and was able to see that boys were no more special than girls–and that programming started to break. I went to college for 8 years and followed my passion for health and wellness. It was right at the point of finishing my full-time internships after my academic work that my ex-husband sued me.

Every single claim in my ex-husband’s lawsuit was absolutely fictitious and bore no semblance to historical reality. It was a revenge device used as a ploy to destroy me and my credibility, to take my son out of my life, and begin the long, slow money bleed that would get me to where I am today. Probably the most egregious wrong done through that lawsuit was to accuse me of something that I did not and could not do. My ex-husband knew that was the milieu in which I had grown up and suffered unjust sadistic, degrading, and violent beatings and suffered unspeakable trauma and terror. So brutal was my fall from glory to shame that I didn’t see myself being able to get through the grief without becoming physically ill and broken. After I was found innocent of the false charges, I made a promise to God that, if I made it and didn’t get sick through the long healing process, that I would serve him with gratitude and fervor. I knew then what I know now–without God and his will followed, there is no way to overcome the satanic spiritual oppression that is organized gang stalking & electromagnetic radiation and weaponry. And since my oppression started at birth as I was an un-wanted bastard child, I know what it is like to go through life nearly alone. God was always there and still is and I thank him for all of the healing and forgiveness that he has brought to my heart.

The problem is that the Freemasons, surfers, gang bangers, and others who participate as perpetrators in this organized stalking & electronic harassment program were more than happy to teach me some lessons, steal and vandalize all of my possessions, terrorize and maim my animals, steal and embezzle my money and hurt me through the people that I love. Add the exhaustive surveillance, getting nuked through your walls with electromagnetic radiation and directed energy torture weapons, and getting followed by mind controlling psychopathic sadists, and that sums up much of what this is all about.

I am trying to move. I need to move from Redondo Beach and from the beach in general. As I try to prepare to move, I am at constant war with my assailants whether at home or in the community. Since I can’t get my apartment secured (spent thousands on dead bolts & alarm systems), I have to take my cat and computer with me wherever I go. Anything left behind will be denigrated or ruined. You can imagine the toll that it takes on a person even with the best nutrition and most positive attitude.

In my apartment there is constant radiation and the neighboring apartments are infiltrated with perpetrators. I have to get up super early and start working as the radiation level is usually way too high by 11:30. I do all of my cooking in the morning for this reason. There have been days and whole weekends where the radiation was turned up so high that it was off the meter limit in the whole apartment. I have many videos that I will be posting to document the meter readings. In the evening, the radiation is way too high except for about a 5 x 4 foot area in the corner of my living room. The cat and I have been living like this since January 1, 2012–that’s when they rolled out the torture weapon campaign in full vigor.

Both my cat and myself have been sick from radiation; sometimes, very sick. I buy clay to detox the cat and myself and the perpetrators dump it. Same thing with food and vitamins. And the hamster wheel of abuse, torture, thievery and mayhem continues.

As I sit here, my body feels like it is electrified and I experience incessant muscular twitches. I eat organic food and have been a health nugget my whole life. I eat nothing processed and have kept my blood alkaline since April. The only reason for the physical sensations and pains that I experience is because I am being radiated through the walls of my apartment and tortured 24/7 with directed energy weapons.

Ever since I decided to get out of this town, the organized stalking by the police, freemasons, gangers, and satan’s other minions have seriously been all over my scene in every way. The radiation is making it impossible to get my packing or anything else done and has put me in survival mode for months. Since this weekend I received another indirect death threat and I am cornered in a land of organized criminals and sellouts, I feel that I need to do more blogging to expose the situation and get some facts on the record about what has been happening. Rather than burden the few people that I still have in my life with the horrendous situation, I have a new motto–Blog don’t blab!

I feel that I have a very unique perspective into the way these crimes are committed and by whom. Since I can’t pack or do much else, its time to blog and get the word out. Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:26-27 (NIV), “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.” So shall it be written, so shall it be done!