Linda4444 REMOVES Her TalkShoe Recording Where She Lied About LoveFaithHope and Programmed T.I.’S With CoIntelPro For 5 Hours

Today Linda4444 removed her Live Talkshoe Update where she slandered, lied, twisted facts and just made “facts” up about me for hours.  This was a classic CoIntelPro attack using all of the various methods and tactics that are employed.  Thankfully I downloaded it and I know of a few people who have downloaded several other similar attacks that she has waged since suddenly arriving on Talkshoe T.I. calls in October 2012. Linda has lots to hide and anybody that was a party to the malicious and completely contrived slanderous, erroneous lies was programmed for hours to believe utter rubbish as a CoIntelPro attack on a credible and consistent witness and victim of Linda’s manipulations for months–ME!

I CHALLENGE LINDA TO PUT THE RECORDING BACK UP FOR ALL TO HEAR HER PROGRAM TARGETS FOR HOURS WITH HER COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM LIES AND CONTRIVED SLANDER. Then they can know who she really is and what she really does when they find out the truth.  Targets and the general public are smart enough if presented the truth.  You can see why nobody wants to expose Linda and the truth.  Its CoIntelPro attack 101–by the book–and she’s done this many times.

I am going to work on organizing the evidence of what I have accused Linda of and working on a presentation for everyone to analyze in real life the tactics that are used to subvert and take over others.  Although I will prove that she is lying about me and my character, I will not allow her CoIntelPro attack to dissuade from the actual subject is her very real lies, real manipulations, real attempts to lead others away from the truth either all or in part.

This week this blog had everything removed from it but the posts and I had to put it back together.  I will not be bullied into silence nor into speaking prematurely about what is happening.  Everything that is currently happening, however, I will feel free to blog about because Linda is doing to me and my character the very things that I have discovered her doing all along.

The fact that Linda4444 took the hours long slander and defamation of character campaign live Talkshoe call down points to one thing–GUILT!!!!



5 comments on “Linda4444 REMOVES Her TalkShoe Recording Where She Lied About LoveFaithHope and Programmed T.I.’S With CoIntelPro For 5 Hours

  1. Tyrone, if you go this already, I apologize.

    Help! I am a TI in serious trouble with heavy torture and mind control and remote control and mkultra and is also getting drugged with military drugs and nanotech/implants. I need help now and need to find someone to get me out of tech if possible. Can you help me? Could Robert Duncan help me or work with me? Derrick knows I am an extreme case. I am using someone’s acct. my name is Linda.

  2. Peace to you .we are making a series of episodes on straight up life experience and life as a hard target .i am a monarch that they accelerated into mk ultra auto assassination otherwise known as suicide .they have me computer cloned and are talking subvocals through my grandchildren ect…. I have been no touch tortured for eighteen years by forced frequency response since I can recall .i remember my first fake dream iwas four years old and have been malested eversince.i suffer 24/7 . I have a wealth of knowledge on reversing programs mentally 8058889459 save this number please call for grouping in jupiter Florida for other targets.fear is a major asset and these perps are scared of targets now ,I will talk or just listen. Faraji modern essene.god speed to.all the power of forgiveness is key to sanity,!!!

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  4. I was questioning her day one. But was so heavily targeted, I was in fear of being alone in this journey. You are not the only one. Others are out here whom refuse to go that route, or have and learned what we’re going through. I’ll tell you more this week on the call. Read this but don’t approve… keep it private. She’s a cia asset, getting information out of TIs i.e. setting the phone down but listening, taking notes, keeping notes on us as she always brings it up, fumbling her words as if she doesn’t want to get caught up her words (a liar always forgets their lies); going off to strange places, her website was strange, now its gone, whenever I talked about my targeting at her direction she would always bring up my childhood Aunt I was raised with saying she was my handler. No. What did that have to do with how I became one when I sued the gov and I did, a defense contractor. Its a heavy story but I lived it. She has a lot of perps on her calls all the time, whom I know are not targeted… and she has said she is, than she isn’t, if one asks her she fumbles for words and she looses it all the time, others are on to her now too like Neal. Again, keep this post private. Her tone of voice is to keep us traumatized. She hangs out in the Sat. night calls looking for ‘new’ victims to sell our information as an asset. She feeds into gossip and the destruction of others, far, far from what she claims (stumbling always on her words when one ask her for all that great info she does not have) nor where our souls need to be in these End-Times.

    We need patience, the Bible, and peace, not evil rendering evil for an on all, etc.
    We need comforting in these times. To bring all to love, helping each other where we need to be at – Lissa

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