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Powered by the Holy SpiritThis blog is a testament to the organized crime program that has been enacted on my life since 2002.  At that time, I was graduating from a professional program and was at my happiest point in life to date.  That is, until I became a target of hate crimes by a jealous ex-husband, by the cowardly bullies that I was surfing beside and other miscreants  This blog exposes the crimes of organized gang stalking and electronic harassment amongst other demonic paradigms. All of these crimes have taken place in Southern Californian beach communities and continue daily.

May the light of truth shine unimpeded on those whose hearts and souls have not been awakened to this modern-day Stasi regime enacted on innocent Americans and other innocent victims worldwide.  The tactics used in organized stalking and electronic harassment were devised and perfected under Hitler’s Third Reich and are still the same mind control tactics and crimes in use today. May those who learn this horrible truth have the moral conviction to take a stand against all of these sadistic acts of terror.  After all, we know what happened after Hitler had brainwashed the citizens of Nazi Germany to allow this sick protocol to be enacted on a grand scale–the slaughtering of millions of innocent people.

Peace and love in the name of  Yeshua our Messiah and praise to the most high  Yahweh forever and ever. Amein.

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Don Lefevre says:

June 16, 2012 at 10:05 PM

I think it is an amazing story…truly persecution is on the rise with high tech…gospeltoeverynation.org…..greater is He that is in you,than he who is in the world…

Isabelle Whitman says:

June 21, 2012 at 12:13 PM

With God All Things Are Possible. I have been a victim of this type of crime. God has been guiding and protecting me…..they will pay the consequences…for those that create this type of action are suffering here on earth everyday in their hearts, mind and spirit….God is watching and they will not live in the afterlife……this is occuring in Santa Barbara, California.
Peace On Earth…..

4 comments on “About this blog

  1. My name is Nizin R. Lopez, I am a Targeted Individual in Miami/Fla, the Feds have been Gang-Stalking since early 2011, they destroyed my life (long story). Go ahead and watch my educational video in YouTube: “GANG STALKING IN MIAMI FLA, BY MR NIZIN LOPEZ, PART I.”

  2. My story is pretty much the same as yours. Be strong in the Lord…We are overcomers unto the end with Christ our Savior. God bless you! I was gangstalked in So Cal also. Jesus delivered me in 2004. This world is not our home. Looking forward to eternal life in the Kingdom of God. ❤

    • Angel,

      Thank you for the sweet encouragement and reminder that I am in no way alone in my plight. God brings joy and a peace that passes all understanding if we allow him to guide our plight in this dark world that has always oppressed the upright. The travails of these days only prove to his followers the validity of his word and the power of his ability to transform us through the experience. For now, its one day at a time for “when we are weak, he is strong”.

      God bless you!

  3. from another thread:
    “the entire American public will be paranoid about their son or daughter being gang-stalked.”

    Americans should be very concerned about their son or daughter being gang stalked.

    You have a bunch of doctors running their asses around here sticking implants in people’s heads…

    You have a bunch of psycho stalking perverts with access to weapons systems with the ability to torture Americans in their own homes (for God-sake) and may be done from a foreign nation!

    Your local governments are complicit lying, conspiring, and sneaking around doing a bunch of shit they have no business or right doing without any recourse from federal authorities!

    Hell, the sole purpose of the federal government is to protect Americans from “military attack” and invasion and clearly that’s not being done.

    So hell yes, Americans should be very afraid or at the very least highly concerned.

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