Linda4444 CoIntelPro Increases–My Online Presence & Identity is Now Being Hacked Daily By BigBro

There is new evidence of more government online hacking as a result of me exposing Linda4444’s CoIntelPro Operation on Talkshoe.  This morning I found my private Youtube account had an new additional account added to my other 2  under the name,  “Linda4444-2468@pa….”.  It will only show me a few characters of the email address, but I have no idea what email addresses have a “pa” prefix.  How was this added to my account when I don’t have access to confirm that it as mine; yet its linked to my account?

I will report all targeting of me, my person, my property, or my online presence during this increased CoIntelPro attack.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.26.35 AMThis is CoIntelPro.  What Linda has done to me over the last 9 months is a total CoIntelPro Damage Control campaign.  I knew what Linda was going to do to me for coming forward because I have watched and heard her do it to many other brave T.I.’s that trusted her with their private information  who called her out or dared question her lies, contradictions or disturbing practices on Talkshoe.   She can be sued for Slander, Libel and Defamation of Character because there is proof that she KNEW all along and was PURPOSELY DECEIVING AND TARGETING CERTAIN GROUPS SPECIFICALLY–THE CHRISTIANS.  Linda dedicated 16 hours of Live Talkshoe call time to do this to me and recorded 5 hours for the public to continue to access.   After I called her out on her whole act and sent her an inspirational post that I reposted to my blog on Thursday, Linda444 has now taken down the 5 hour recording of me that was all  OUTRIGHT LIES AND THE MANIPULATION OF ANYTHING AND ALL THINGS FACTUAL.  This is what she did with all of the other CoIntelPro attacks that she waged and recorded on others–POOF–GONE IN AN INSTANT.  PROOF OF GUILT AND NEEDING TO HIDE SELF-INCRIMINATING SLANDER, LIBEL, CHARACTER DEFAMATION AND A TOTAL WHITEWASH OF EVERYTHING TRUTHFUL.

Since she was not allowed to put me under her spell or manipulate me away from sharing the truths that I know and have proof of, I have witnessed the most egregious slander campaign where Linda has appealed to everyone emotionally and played and manipulated them and the truth.  She has totally changed Talkshoe by her infiltration and CoIntelPro tactics and attacks where she gains peoples’ trust and they tell her all their deep secrets and stories and then she does one of these attacks on them when they question her or stand up for what they know to be the truth.

I will not stop reporting the truth about Linda4444 from the Talkshoe T.I. Callls.

I will not stop reporting any and all harassment, slander or torture that I endure outside of the usual levels during Linda’s accelerated CoIntelPro attack on me.

I will stand by the truth until the day I die and know that I will be called to die for what I believe in.  I am good with that and thank all those who are dedicated to the truth and who suffer for it and to all those who have been killed for the truth already.

Tupac on Death


7 comments on “Linda4444 CoIntelPro Increases–My Online Presence & Identity is Now Being Hacked Daily By BigBro

  1. Try prayer. I use free prayer sites, Prayonit, Daily Guideposts, and depending on how bad the problem is up to 10 other prayer sites chosen at random. Have a look at Psalm 141. In your situation I should request prayers along these lines. Please pray for me that those who bear false witness against me shall fail in all their criminal and immoral endeavours.
    To deal with your fury, so that it strengthens you instead of frustrating you, try this technique. View it as a gift. The gift of energy. For example, when I was a kid and a competitive swimmer somebody gratuitously insulted me. A short time after I was in a race, and I swam a blinder. The fury was energy, which deployed to my own advantage. After all that is what it is for. To protect you and help you cope. Anybody annoy you when you are making dinner and you get the job done in half the time?
    The trick is to separate the rage from the source. Grab the free energy as a gift and use it for your own purposes. Get the chores done while you mull over how to retaliate. Use it for exercise, which strengthens your body and heart and relieves stress.
    Gang stalker stressing tactics can be reversed. For a time I was getting crowding in shops, people standing in front of items I was considering buying. You know the kind of thing. I have a strong sense of personal space and it was annoying me. Then I thought, don’t be stupid, you’re being played. If they are in your space, you are in theirs. Relax. If someone wants to put themselves in your space, let them. Let them be the ones who feel uncomfortable. Next time it happened, I relaxed, and just stood there. All the time in the world. And to my surprise I experienced a reverse energy flow from them to me. It was actually energising. Also I could sense they were feeling very uncomfortable. They don’t crowd me any more.
    All the best. Clair

    • Dearest Clair,

      Thank you so much for caring and for taking the time to try to help me. I have been going through this for a long time and drew close to God long ago. Obviously David was a target and there is no better commiseration and support than his words in the Psalms. I would not have the close relationship with God that I now have it weren’t for being a target. I had learned to be self-sufficient and independent in life, which is the opposite of what God requires. I was able to use my intellect to not fear the stalking and things that were being done that could not hurt me. You were also able to do this. But when it comes to healing the spirit and for healing the self rather than bitterness, anger and rage, the Lord gives peace and joy that makes no sense considering the circumstances. The fact that we are under attack as is the truth, is proof that we are on the right track. God brought us to it and he’ll get us through it if we trust in him and put our faith in him and his eternal word.

      A kind word from a generous soul that wants to help others goes a long way to heal many deliberate wrongs suffered. Thank you for making a difference! Much gratitude, Lynn

      • Thanks, Lynn. I understand your fury at your persecution. What concerns me about such situations is that our emotions can be hi-jacked by our enemies as a further weapon against us. As oldsters, we are less vulnerable to this than the young. Emotions are less strong as we age, we are better at shrugging things off, and we’ve seen it all before. Intelligence and strong faith are extra defences. What is sad are those who do not have these defences. Vulnerability does not deter attack. I wrote in reply to your account because the aggravation is ongoing. I find I am having to channel anger most days, to disperse stress and remain balanced. The techniques I suggested work for me. But there is residual resentment at having to put up with this rubbish. But every now and then when I find a successful counter to their tactics I feel pleased I have learnt something. 🙂 take care of yourself, and I hope you win this conflict. Clair

      • Thank you, Clair. Although I guess it sounds angry, I am just reporting the truth. I know that nothing is going to change, but for me, just expressing what is being done is good as I was programmed to never tell. That “do not tell” programming is very strong in me and I have fought within myself to express any of the things that I go through. Being an oldster helps me as does my faith and prayer. I really appreciated what you wrote because so many struggle with the gang stalking that are not experiencing perceivable electronic torture. It is sad when we get stuck emotionally because of what is being done and stay in a place of anger. Your advice was practical wisdom on how to rise above anger and change our thinking so that we don’t have to stay in the trauma that they inflict. I have also learned that they do not like being exposed. So, although I am well-aware that nobody will be held responsible for their crimes, I still believe that telling the story of what they have done–including their names–is a punishment of sorts for which they have no recourse. Some of the people who stole from me are still in a position of handling large amounts of other people’s money. I feel it my social responsibility to alert those who may be harmed next. The real conflict is between truth and lies and God will reveal the truth in his good time to those who earnestly are searching. Thank you for your support, concern and wise counsel. Take good care. Lynn

      • Anger is not wrong – it is a God-given. At times it is appropriate – to everything a season. Yes, people can get stuck in it – if they try to suppress it instead of using it – like riding a wave – to promote your own interests – to go in the direction you want to go. I heard about a true event in the Nazi concentration camps. A woman who rebelled. She was a ballet dancer. She organise some women and counter-attacked the guards and had some effect before they were shot in action. What did they have to lose? If all the prisoners had reacted that way the concentration camps would have ceased to be a major asset to the Nazis. There is harm in passivity. Like you I am a private person. This also comes up a lot. Perhaps that is part of our profile as prospective targets? The advantage they gain in our quiescence until we learn that mode is counter-productive in our situation. Exposure is their downfall. A whole chain of people associated with myself and late husband have been financially fleeced, so like you I try to warn people by emphasising this aspect.
        Whoever described Satan as King of lies was spot on. For these people lies are the ocean they swim in, where they drown others . Truth is their defeat. But the lies of the powerful will generally be believed rather than the truth of the poor. That is where the mass of humanity has gone wrong throughout history. Our failure to see the leaders as they are – the worst criminals in the country. There are no leaders without followers. I am still adapting to the situation since my discovery last year but I feel I am running out of time. Resistance is NOT futile. Just because we cannot win does not mean they cannot lose. If everyone followed the example of that ballet dancer, the enemy would fall sooner.
        Take care now – and pray. All the best, Clair

      • Clair you are wise, caring, compassionate and eloquent. My heartfelt gratitude goes to you as your comments are chalked full of wisdom and understanding. How you could possess so much wisdom after just finding out about this last year is stupefying. I feel I have reached someone who both understands and relates to me. What a healing blessing you are. Your poignant story about the ballerina in the Nazi concentration camp moved me to tears. I know personally the harm of passivity or programming that conditions us “not to tell” and fight within myself to expose what I know to be a spiritual mind control operation. Much of my being a private person originates from the horrible abuses that I have suffered. Many victims of mind control programs are programmed to not tell and its easy to not do so because the things that have happened to us are so disturbing. The problem is that the programs never stop running and, if you are a high level asset (from birth), they never will let you go. A life stuffed with unspeakable wounds that has kept silent for decades is a hard target because, once you begin telling your story, it feels good and the world listens to the tough and independent person that hasn’t been blabbing and crying wolf their whole life. But, there are harsh punishments, the finality of family abandonment and you get people like this government asset, Linda Lesker, whose job it is to silence me one way or another. But the benefits far outweigh the punishments for being true to oneself over quiescence to the latest lying opposer of the truth. Indeed, God brought me into his truth through this experience and continues to guide me in the truth and my spiritual growth. According to the truth that I believe–the Bible–this is a spiritual battle that they’ve already lost.

        So, like the ballerina in the Nazi concentration camp, I am now telling my story because I have nothing left to lose. Truth and exposure may be their downfall, however, they work very hard to mind control everyone to the point that they are unable to discern where the truth ends and the lies begin. You conveyed that point when you said, “For these people lies are the ocean they swim in, where they drown others.” Our experiences can be a lifeline to those who are drowning in the lies and disinformation that is integral to our oppressor’s success in this world. I hope that I am able to comfort and inform others like me who dare to cling to the truth in a world where only the lies are rewarded.

        Thank you for your comments,for sharing your story and for your support, which is priceless to me. Thank you for sharing Psalm 37, also. When I read it now, I remember that you shared it with me and that I am not alone in my fight in this life and neither are you. God bless you sweet Clair. Lynn

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