The Late William Cooper on Psychological Operations

According to the late William Cooper in this 1992 CNN interview, the purpose of PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS against the public is:

  • INDOCTRINATE THE PUBLIC on what the government wants the public TO PERCEIVE what’s happening,  OR
  • SCARE the researchers AWAY FROM THE TRUTH,  or both.


I decided that I had to tell the public and get people on the right track.  The right track is, DON’T BELIEVE ANYBODY.  You gotta go out and         GET PROOF in your hand before you can believe anything.  And to do otherwise today, is the BIGGEST MISTAKE ANYONE COULD EVER MAKE.  You begin believing in people–putting your trust in them that they’re telling you the truth and I guarantee you that you’re going to            take a ride on a roller coaster that you don’t want to be on.

Now my attitude is, I just don’t want this to happen anymore.  I am very reluctant to believe what anybody tells me anymore.  Someone who’s really good at it can snow you.  That’s what makes a con man a good con man is that you get the perception that they’re telling you the truth.

4 comments on “The Late William Cooper on Psychological Operations

  1. It is not always the Government , my Organized Stalking in Chennai , India for the past 5 years is being done by a Criminal Syndicate which calls itself Private Investigators. Hope to have a blog like you two some day…
    Organized Stalking Chennai City

    • Here in the U.S., we have a long history of the government targeting people and groups as does the U.S.S.R. They do this through governmental agencies, the military, the mafia, secret societies, organized criminal gangs, public utilities and service providers and every day citizens who are chosen and groomed. Our whole societal structure has been infiltrated here so that no one can take legal action and have it result in any convictions or restitution; even legitimate whistle blowers.

      Through the internet, we are able to tell our stories and name names of those involved in our demise and torture. Although nothing can undo the damage that these programs accomplish, just speaking out and advocating for ourselves is a validating and empowering act.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Please do start a blog–its easy and will share what is going on in your part of the world, which is under-represented online for these crimes. I would love to read your story!

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