For the record, my blog has been tampered with, the names of the posts, categories and tags removed.

*Edit 6/12/14, 9:00 pm, I spent the day putting this blog back together and am just now finishing. Someone came through and removed everything but the posts.  It is now nearly restored to its pre-censored condition–I hope.

I am exposing Linda4444 on Talkshoe Targeted Individual Calls as a disinformation agent and as a lying mind controlling manipulator.

Linda has been on a disinformation, slander and attack campaign against me ever since I began exposing her.  She has threatened me verbally and in all caps in a  chatroom telling me that I messed with the wrong person.

If I am killed because of exposing Linda4444, make sure that you read all of my blog and research all of the information that I am putting out there about DISINFORMATION AGENTS and LINDA.

The last time that I exposed Linda on the “newsguy2005” show on 9/23/13,  7 days later I had a severe chemical poisoning attack.  COINCIDENCE OR PUNISHMENT for putting this link into newsguy2005’s chatroom: http://www.theedgeam.com/interviews/Linda_Guinness_04.02.11.mp3.

Linda is a government info gathering disinformation agent that is on all of Talkshoe Targeted Individual calls and in every chatroom.  She has done everything within her power to bully me, lie about me, discredit me, threaten me, and then some as you can see.

Please spread the word and know that I  have never lied and can prove all of my accusations against Linda.  Also, Linda KNOWS that I am NOT those people who are writing disgusting things on Talkshoe chats.  This I can prove when I do a show exposing the truth of this situation.

Although I told Linda and wrote in her chatroom that I would never divulge her personal information in exposing her, she has waged a fierce PsyOp disinformation campaign against me, with desperate lies and slander . Please connect the dots, do the research and KNOW that if I disappear or am further harmed and poisoned and censored, it is indeed the Big Brother connections of Linda4444.

IMG_1354 IMG_1512 IMG_1455IMG_1406 IMG_1622 IMG_1478 IMG_1520


    • I have plenty of photos of microwave burns to my eyes and body, which also leaves blood boils all over my skin.

      This is a severe chemical poisoning with sulphural fluoride and chloropicrin. Chemicals are also used on targets and I am no exception.
      However, this particular attack was subsequent to a termite fumigation of the condominium complex that I live in where I am the one person of over 300 whose residence was not ventilated after the fumigation. I continue to have symptoms and have sustained permanent damage to my body and nervous system from this attack.

    • Thank you for your input, however, you are mistaken about my chemical poisoning.

      On Oct. 1, 2013, I walked into my room that had cloropicrin mixed with sulphuryl fluoride due to a lack of ventilation after termite fumigation. I inhaled both chemicals and sustained 2nd degree burns to my esophagus, lungs and eyes. The fluoride dissipated but the oily chloropicrin was concentrated on the floor and plastic bags where my foods and clothes were stored during the termite fumigation. This is how I sustained 2nd degree burns to my hands and feet after the room was ventilated

      I woke up after 4 hours of sleep with my esophagus swollen and impaired breathing and a severe allergic reaction to both chemicals. I had all of the signs and symptoms of chloropicrin and fluoride poisoning and still do; some of which are permanent. I will not go into what I still am dealing with but will say that I have permanent damage to my body and nervous system.

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