I Feel A Purge Of Christians Is Coming

Thank you to prayerwarriorpsychicnot for indirectly sharing this blog with me. I relate to this post and appreciate the inherent truth of the persecution of Christians being exposed.
Please check out prayerwarriorpsychicnot’s blog at: http://taknbsorbemwon5@wordpress.com. May God profoundly bless and protect those who choose to expose the the truth and to walk the narrow path no matter how extreme the persecution.

5 comments on “I Feel A Purge Of Christians Is Coming

  1. I am not a Christian, a Jew nor am I involved in any mainstream religion.
    However, this Nation was made great, in part, by moral Christian values. Even our laws have Hebrew punishments. (Hebrews are a people, NOT a religion)
    As such, with many Hebrew and Christian friends, I do whatever is necessary to protect MORAL Christianity.
    Need help? Just ask.

  2. Eldon Brown’s blog. Thank you for pointing me to this. Somehow I had missed it. I think he is absolutely right. Whoever is driving this corruption does not want Christians because of their morality and values and they are opposed to evil. Christians need to know about this. Despite my handle I am not a Christian. (See taknbsorbemwon5.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/prayer-warrior but on the spiritual interpretation of this evil I completely agree – the Christians are right about this. And they are under attack.

    • Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful comments. Please accept my apology for getting behind and not responding sooner.

      Moral people throughout the ages have been organized stalked, slandered and killed. Its just hard to wrap one’s head around the multitudes of people who sold out to be part of this beast system. The New Testament in The Holy Bible talks about how the disciples had to go from town to town and hideout due to severe persecution. Christians have been warned that we are not better than our master and if people hated him, they will also hate us. Its a narrow road and not for the weak, but in our humility and weakness, God makes us strong and courageous.

      Thanks again! Lynn

      • I think Eldon is pretty smart. I wish he would say something. I am worried about him.
        Thanks for replying. I hadn’t noticed. I get a bit muddled sometimes. This attrition warfare. Eugh!!
        Take care now.

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