The New World Pope

Time Magazine Pope FrancisFirstly, he is not my pope. And what “New World” are they talking about? When I woke up this morning in the land of mass sheeple, it was still the same sinister bankster run teetering world economy with an exciting prelude to the new Dancing With the Stars season highlighted by a Honey BooBoo interview.

And what happened to Pope Benedict? I guess they just whisked him to the catacombs where he can enjoy being served tea at all hours by choirboys, sipping in disgraceful pederast infamy.

Anyone else notice that in the Time magazine cover photo, the pope’s body forms an etheric pyramid shape with the teeny words “New World Pope” forming an esoteric capstone? No doubt, something big is on its way and the popification being announced on 3/13/13 was just another power play towards the global conquest by our eugenicist, transhumanistic, mind controlling overlords. God help us all.


3 comments on “The New World Pope

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  2. Joe Biden just stated we’re ending a “new World order,’ just as many have prior to him, televised. It in deed exists.

    • Please forgive me for not seeing this sooner, Lissa. I am having problems with the blog showing my comments.

      Somehow, I missed Biden’s comment, too. Its nuts that more of us aren’t against what they are doing to kill us all. Its as if we are living with a bunch of programmed zombies. Thank God we have the Lord or we would have no hope whatsoever.

      Thank you for all that you do to educate and expose the evil programs targeting all of humanity. God Bless you! Lynn

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