Helicopter Surveillance/Harassment Pictures for December 2012

Helicopter Harassment - December 1

Hi tech harassment including electromagnetic radiation, lasers and who-knows-what, chemical poisoning, food tampering, car and apartment vandalism, and problems with getting and keeping a wifi signal and phone calls continue to be highlights for me this month. Here are photographs of some of the air surveillance/harassment that has occurred this month. Please note the sheer numbers and the photos of the Channel 5 News Copter on 12/20 and the police helicopter sequence on 12/17. Also, there are many flyovers that always go right over my apartment building and they go unheard until directly overhead making it difficult to get pictures of how close they come.

During the months of September, October and November of this year, the helicopter harassment/surveillance tapered off and, when they did come by, they weren’t nearly as close to my apartment building. During November, we started getting loud, direct flyovers where the noise would seemingly come out of nowhere and then the helicopter would fly out over the ocean. During those three months, I was unable to receive or make phone calls and other people’s phones would not work from my apartment either.

The week before Thanksgiving my phone started miraculously working (sometimes). During a phone conversation with a friend, I told her that the helicopter harassment had died way down and they weren’t being so obvious. After I had that conversation, the helicopter harassment started–worse than ever–and here are some of the better photos that I’ve taken this month.


12:12:12 Helicopter Harassment


12:16:12 Helicopter Games


12:17:12 Helicopter HijinksPolice Helicopter, saw camera and turned away, 12:17:12 Police Helicopter Harassment, 12:17:12 (1)Police Helicopter Surveillance, 12:17:12 (2)Police Helicopter, saw camera and turned away, 12:17:12 (3)


12:19:1212:19:12 (2)12:19:12 (3)

12/20/12,  Channel 5 News Helicopter slowly come and hovers

12:20:12- Helicopter fun12:20:12- Helicopter hijinks12:20:12- Helicopter hijinks 12:20:12-Record level Helicopter Harassment12:20:12, KTLA News Copter (2)12:20:12, Channel 5 Copter (3)12:20:12- Channel 5 Newscopter harassment (4)12:20:12, Channel 5 Copter (5)12:20:12, Newscopter Surveillance (6)12:20:12, Channel 5 Stalkers (7)

Picture of Channel 5 News Copter from Internet

Channel 5 KTLA Helicopter


12:21:12 Helicopter fun12:21:12 South Redondo12:21:12- South Redondo (2)


12:23:12-Helicopter Harassment 12:23:12 Helicopters

32 comments on “Helicopter Surveillance/Harassment Pictures for December 2012

  1. I am a Targeted Individual from Randleman, NC and have been harassed by electromagnetic waves for 2 years now. It started here then I moved to many different states to try to get away from this. This is real People as I served in Law Enforcement for 2 decades and when I got injured and lost everything I started to fax the White House many times trying to get my disability approved. Since that time it has gotten really bad where I am followed, Harassed by neighbors, Family won’t listen and all night long my head buzzes from helicopters flying over my home. I hear the voices from different people and no I am not crazy as I have had several mental evaluations with a clean bill of health.

    I am positive these fly overs are from the bases here in NC. I spent some time in San Diego and that was the worst I ever dealt with. The Military is key in all this along with the DOJ. They are experimenting on people and we are just sheep for the slaughter to these ruthless satanist. All my electronic devises are monitored 24/7 and they have broken into my home, car watching every move I make. I will catch these low lives someday….

  2. I’ve been through the same exact thing, both air and ground in four states now. Please include packs of DOD-DOJ UAV/Hoverer Drones stalking, predator assassination weapons of mass destruction over our homes. I too am a law-abiding citizen. Veteran’s Today is talking about this, calling them a Nation of High-Treason guilty also of Sedition and international Rico Acts, yet no one can or will stop them. Like you, I chose to expose… then I have to deal with conference calls while microwaved, maser-ed, laser-ed, Remote Neural Monitoring that is torture, slow to fast death – I for one am sick of it. Informed by detectives, high state-level they were lied to about these weapons, told they were non-lethal, they are indeed lethal. Reportedly 20 people control this, as I sit here attacked wondering why 20 people are allowed to destroy our bodies, minds – the CIA Torturers under BUSHCIASR is behind this… I believe the NSA DOD DOJ CIA are the main characters who did 911. They have declared war on all of the decent, intellects in this country, going after mostly women… it shows you how cowardly, lowlife they are.

    • Lissa, I relate to everything that you are saying here. They have infiltrated all levels of society and all institutions. There seems to be no escape anywhere in the world either. We are all expendable and, if we are vulnerable or made to be vulnerable, it is so easy to do this to us and there is no governing body that will defend us and uphold the law. There are few comforts left for us. For me, I take comfort that I am not alone in this and that God told us in the Bible that this was going to happen. Clinging to the Lord and His word is the only solution. In other words, just like the Bible says, we have to lose our life here in order to gain it in the next. There is always a paradoxical blessing in our suffering and I pray that we are led to whatever that is that we may be comforted and receive that blessing.

      God bless you Lissa.

      • We are living in a time like no other; the prophesied biblical end times…

        Trust YHVH Y’SHUAH Yehoshua and let them have this evil world.

        This world is all the Hell we who love YHVH Y’SHUAH Yehoshua Jesus will ever know…

        …and its all the paradise those who don’t now Him will ever know and love.


        The message given below (and in photos) to another I have since met online, has been hearing God tell her to walk outside to see who is attacking her. She sees images, dark shardows moving back and forth behind trees, bushes and cemetery headstones. With nothing more than a 100.00 cheap camera from Wal-Mart she takes the photos because she says its from God, not her as she is just the messenger and attacked for years over this (2009 on). Then I found her. She was scared, but no longer. Her message is that she is only a messenger for God yet no on listens, trying to tell any and all who will listen that even religious groups attack her… shouted off like some of us.

        Arch-Angel Michael and Christ with the Lamb has returned. I’ve sent photos to this conference person who refuses to see it because they only want to gossip 24-7, not real support, and if you mention something deep, what they’re reportedly into, I’m shouted down… tells me I’ve hit ‘the’ nerve of all of this. I’m fully aware of AI The beast and all those behind this and how they use mind-hiving tech on TIs to silence other TIs, and the useless gatekeepers.

        We came into this world alone, we shall take our courage knowing we’re never alone. The truth and other victim’s are indeed out here – we have come full-circle now.

        This was all done as a huge diversion for their Project: “SOUL” catcher on all sides, all communications… transhumanism, an abomination to our GOD not the one they worships. The one who was thrown down from the heavens long ago.

        As in the days of Noah… those times are now.

        There are 4 things you must do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

        1, worship GOD.
        2, Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, Messiah, and Mediator to GOD.
        3, Be reborn of water.
        4, be reborn of Holy Spirit. If they haven’t done this, there is nothing I can say or do to change it. GOD laid down the rules long ago, but many didn’t want to listen.

        This is one of the first lesson’s GOD gave this person, who’s passed it on to me on this journey:

        Job 4:
        [12] Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and mine ear received a little thereof.
        [13] In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men,
        [14] Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.
        [15] Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:
        [16] It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying,
        [17] Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?
        [18] Behold, he put no trust in his servants; and his angels he charged with folly:
        [19] How much less in them that dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust, which are crushed before the moth?
        [20] They are destroyed from morning to evening: they perish for ever without any regarding it.
        [21] Doth not their excellency which is in them go away? they die, even without wisdom.

        Amen sister, a-mean! Lissa

    • Corinthians 2:14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; 15And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
      The enemy [the evil one] has been defeated so lift your voice in victory [children of The Most High]!!! Lolllllllllllll

  3. For over a month now I have been continuously harassed by constant helicopter surveillance. It’s to the point that the electromagnetic beam being used has made me physically sick. How the hell can this be legal. It’s scary that they don’t even seem to care that I know they are there. I would have never thought this possible if it wasen’t happening to me. This is truly scary!

    • The whole point is that you cannot help but notice, but everyone else would never notice anything unusual. I am sorry that you have been targeted and are being stalked, harassed, surveilled and being tortured with no-touch torture. Please hang in there, learn as much as you can, question every thing, and reach out to others like this. God bless you!

  4. I have been stalked also for over ten years I recently had to move from Oxnard to has followed me Arizona and it has followed me to where I am almost totally isolated from anyone who might care Im so siick of this I need help but who can you tell before everyone gets tired of hearing my crazy stories. I feel for you I know what your going through It sounds like your a very strong person god be with you . Trisha

    • Dear Trisha,

      Thank you for sharing and commenting. I am very sorry that you are being stalked and tortured from California to Arizona. I know all about the isolation and what they do to us but would strongly advice you to try to not tell every one about it. We need to be vary careful as they use what we say and do, twist it, and use it for their program against us. There are some very good God fearing people who are T.I.’s–its just hard to find us. Question everything as there are many fakes and government operatives who are trying to steer information and subvert. Best to you and God bless you! You are stronger than you think. Remember, that when we are we, He is strong. Never stop reaching out Trisha.

      • I moved to Sri Lanka. Stalking continues even though vehicular harassment tapered off in last couples of months. Still noise harassment occurs. Psychological warfare continues. The same script is used by different people. Still I can’t find a proper job in IT field event though i have experience and qualifications. Even If i find one, my salary is so low. I am not given any tasks. The real perpetrators are on top of this stalking network. They have the decision making power. They are the criminals.

      • Thank you for your blog and for commenting here. My heart goes out to you as you find the psychiatric reprisal so extensive that you aren’t able to find a decent job. Being in the IT field, you should have your pick of good jobs that would provide you with the means to support yourself well.

        You’re so right! We are not criminals but have been targeted by criminal networks because we are NOT like them. They hold all the power in society from the lowest levels all the way to the upper echelons. As the New World Order takeover continues to progress, the targeting of the moral people who are unwilling to compromise their morals and principles is bound to get far worse.

        I have bookmarked your blog as I am behind and haven’t read your story and offerings. I look forward to reading about you and your story more and hope that we can encourage and support each other.

        Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting. Please take good care of yourself and know that you are NOT alone! Lynn

    • these things have been harassing me since 1999/2000 every nite continuously. i spoke to a police chief about it and he looked into it and told the that it was the government and they can do anything they want. he also said that i shouldn’t worry about it because if i was wanted for a crime that they the police would come and get me that they would not follow me. you would think after doing this for 15 years they should be bored watching my life lol they watch from my windows from the sky went i leave home at night they trail along the ocean as i walk the beach. for a long time my friends didn’t believe me until they was it for themself. I say it is an obsession because the first thing they do is come see what i am doing so they must go to bed thinking of me and that is really sick. I am a Vietnam era female veteran. i live a clean life now how sick is that. But i am fine with it they can watch me all they want i am very happy and enjoying my life.

  5. I sent a reply to Monarch earlier telling him that isn’t a desert in your photos because Pt. Magu can be seen to the north. The ocean changes colors depending on the weather. After having to move from southern California because of the stalking (I have been a target for at least 10 years) I had a chance to ask a 14 year NORAD satellite specialist, as we were sitting in his living room in Colorado Springs, if they could see us from space with through-wall imaging. He immediately said “yes”. When asked if they can see our facial expressions he said “not yet”. That was 6 years ago. The core of the stalking program is total surveillance, including seeing us real-time. They know when we are reaching for the doorknob to leave the house. Add that to neighbor perps, internet, phone, and mail surveillance and you get the big picture. The cameras for through-wall from space get the benefit of a temperature of 0 celcius. That is required for thermal imaging of this type. Some of the agencies with access to this technology (according to the DOJ it’s for safety reasons) are Fire, Police, military, and Ambulance agencies. I hope this helps some of you to piece it all together. The citizen’s watch groups don’t understand they are involved in a mind control and extermination program I’m guessing. This is a very layered program of hate. God help us.

    • Very well said and totally accurate. The total mind control of the masses is necessary for all of this to work. And how is that accomoplished? Everything has chemicals, metals, and other toxic substances added for this very reason. The chemtrail program, the fluoridation deception, the pesticides, hormones and GMO’s in our foods, nanotechnology in everything from vaccinations to the air and food, electro smog now using cellphones, SmartMeter torture devices, appliances and HD televsion, and genetic manipulation and engineering. The fascist, corporate main stream media and history books all lie, revise and distract from truth. I have read also that the bandwidth used for cellphone transmission was chosen because it is the same bandwidth that matches our own human frequencies enabling these devices to be used as torture weapons and personal surveillance tools. It also gave our fascist corporate puppeteers a legitimate reason to put cell phone towers all over the country and not become suspect. It is well-known that the cellphone towers have the ability to target specific persons and areas locally. The torture matrix is completed with the technology to remotely torture and surveil us in this manner.

      This is our Brave New World–1984–Big Brother society that we were predictively programmed to expect and accept. Can you imagine what the next step in this program of mind control and extermination?

      The day of God’s wrath is coming and those that torture innocent, law-abiding individuals will find themselves and their families tortured; they are literally heaping this judgement on themselves. That great day cannot come soon enough for those of us who have been mind controlled from the cradle to the grave and never had any real chance at being a “free” agent. I am one those.

      God bless you and go in faith as fear and terror fall by the wayside when one walks in the Spirit of the living God. In my opinion, that’s the only way!

  6. California is the worst place to be if you’re a TI.

    I can’t understand whether the photos are by you, from your place, or from TIs in general though. Surely, you didn’t live on the ocean one day (20th) and in a desert valley another day (17th)…?

    • I think that this is one of the most diversely criminal states in the country. Its a volcanic melting pot of cross-cultural tensions waiting to explode and exploit further.

      The pictures are all on the Esplanade in south Redondo Beach and are all taken from my apartment windows and balcony. Although it is customary for helicopters to fly along the coastline, these pictures are of the ones that zoomed in closely in a hurry. There is no need for that and it didn’t used happen at all.

      The police patrol car and motorcycle involvement is epic, too. They seem to be out to intimidate and make a statement. The problem with me is that I am not ruled by fear and am not scared by any of this stuff whether it be from one or a legion. It most certainly is a waste of public resources and is seen by many others but is most likely not recognized as odd because it only happens every time in the life of a targeted individual.

      Every person has there own part to play in these days. I thank God every day that we have a choice of whom to serve.


    • That isn’t a desert. That’s Point Magu in the distance and Ventura is right around that point. We found out directly from the person who answered the phone at Pt. Magu one very foggy morning that the only people flying that morning was the FBI. It was a marine layer so thick we couldn’t understand who could be dropping out of the fog (at about 500 feet altitude) and ascending again when we would go out and look up. Fancy harrassment to say the least. After having to move because of the police state atmosphere in Ventura I had a chance 6 years ago to ask a 14 year satellite specialsit at NORAD if they can see us through buildings from space. Without hesitation he said “yes”. I then asked if they can see facial expression and he said “not yet.” That was 6 years ago. The through-wall surveillance is the core of their operation. Add that to total phone, mail, internet surveillance and neighbor perps and you see how it works. God help us.

      • Thank you for your comments. For clarity, the view of the Santa Monica Bay spans from the Palos Verdes cliffs to Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches, to El Segundo, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Malibu. The northern point that one sees is actually Point Dume in Malibu. Once one traverses around Point Dume, the next geographic feature is Point Magu with Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara following.

        I, too get a lot of helicopter harassment of all agencies and organizations. Sounds like a delusion of grandeur, I understand, but its the truth. I am the only person/surfer that I am aware that has been kicked out of the water and off the beach from San Diego to Ventura. I know that many people wonder what happened to me as a brought a lifelong athletic physicality and had no fear (equals steeper, bigger waves) as I had been doing very dangerous activities on asphalt for years. I surfed all of the time and was a regular at Trestles and San Diego surf spots along with those in Orange County. This all needs to be exposed!

        In my opinion, God is our only help and hope in this satanic, fascist global extermination program.

  7. Great pics… I wish I could get pics like that. I have missed at least 8 black helicopters since this started for me, many police helicopters, news copters, etc.
    When I was living in that house with no water or power, I had a police helicopter fly around the house, constantly, with spotlights shining in the windows for a half hour straight, but I had no camera. The fact that no cop car showed up while that copter was there, tells me it was simply to terrorize me.
    Shame on them.

    • Thanks–I wish this wasn’t happening and I was blogging beautiful ocean and Santa Monica Bay pictures. Since I posted those pics, its been a ridiculous cat and mouse game at its most intense. This is first class harassment that we cannot even talk about because it seems implausible. Taking pictures is the only thing that has changed my targeting. My perps avoid the camera and so I get a break from having to watch them saunter around in their free world with sadistic glee.

      It takes a real special brand of sadistic coward to single out a woman with no utilities and harass her with a searchlight and helicopters. There is no limit to the depths that these cretins will stoop to accomplish their means. One day–and maybe not that far away–the torturers will become the tortured and their families will be seriously affected through their spiritual desire to gain occult power and ruin the live of others. God will not be mocked and he will seek revenge and judge the killers.

      Stay strong!

  8. Hi, I would like the author of these blogs to email me if at all possible.

    I went through horrible group stalking went I moved to L.A. I got some really horrible technologically proficient criminals on my case. I just want to compare notes with other people who went through the same thing, since those people are usually hiding under a rock…like I guess, I am. I’ve learned a lot, but I need to learn more.

    I was seemingly first targeted by some sort of Asian mafia who had an infinite amount of money to waste. It got really bad after I briefly dated a Vietnamese guy. They also had connections to a national black gang. I had to deal with a Santa Monica cop who mocked me over a death threat I received. I knew this gang had talked to him because of his odd behavior. It was so fucking pathetic.

    I was targeted originally because I was prominent on social media, but I never had any noticeable issues until I moved to L.A. and unwittingly hung out with people who were part of this group. I’ve been on TV and in mags (under a different name), so I would like to talk to someone about how to deal with this.

    • Dear Missy

      Sorry to hear that you are in this evil program. Thank you for commenting about your particular situation. California is a life ruining, organized stalking paradise for gangsters and weak followers. The corruption goes from the streets to the police departments to the courts to the top. The Interstate 5 corridor from Mexico to Canada is a major drug trafficking route cutting through the middle of the entire state. Marijuana is mostly grown within the state but cocaine is transported from South America to Mexico and smuggled across the border from there. Also Mexico is 2nd to Afghanistan in black tar heroin production. As such, we have a very well-connected and ubiquitous gang problem and an enormous prison industrial complex with over a 50% recidivism rate. We also have many government contract facilities, foundations, institutions and universities that do/have done the research and development on the torture technology weapons and house many major and lesser fabrication sites. These factors and the surfing community that contains a criminal element (oftentimes associated with drug culture) are prolific reasons as to why the targeting is so pervasive here.

      I have spoken at length to several targeted individuals in New York and know that the situation there is similar to California in severity. I quit using social media because I was unable to keep my contributions unpolitical due to outrage over this situation. Its a ubiquitous problem that will only increase as we not-so-secretly march unimpeded toward a fascist state. I can validate what is happening and know the pain of being rejected and labeled by those who are in on the conspiracy. Many targets are strong people with independent minds and, historically speaking, those are the ones that are targeted by the criminal element for this extrajudicial program of hate, death and criminal revenge.

      My advice would be to network with others in your area. You can call Derrick Robinson at FFCHS–Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance–for others to potentially befriend in your area. New York has many, many targets as do the east and the eastern seaboard. It is a bit of a crap shoot as to what you are going to get, but the Talkshoe.com site has numerous weekly conference calls that can be accessed by phone and computer. There are many wonderful people that frequent those conference calls, but a strong perpetrator presence; so be careful and always listen to your instinct. DO NOT ISOLATE yourself! It will happen unless you work hard at making it not happen. One of their many diabolical goals is to isolate you from all support persons in your life. The isolation factor makes it far easier for them to work mind control programs against you and to send perpetrators in your life to trip you up and “handle” you. It can also snowball into an extreme lack of security problem such as I have–and I don’t want that for anyone. Get support however you can no matter how unconventional the sources.

      This blog is to document my program and losses so that there is a record and to inform the public about America’s long standing obsession and history with social and technological mind control methods. I also want to shine the light on the long planned and well organized occult agenda of the 18th and 19th century in Europe and its harbingers using America as the military center of their dystopian New World Order. Unfortunately, its not the blog that I would have wanted to write as my passions used to be wellness and disease prevention–holistic health. Unfortunately, I was removed from my life and my passions through this program by the character assassination, criminal money bleed and incessant lack of security which always ends in vandalism, chemical poisoning, food tampering and cat torture. So I write this in support of others that they may learn more about this and from my mistakes and gather strength in knowing that they are one of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide that have been put into this program. Its all about mind; thus behavioral, control–with the overarching demonic goal of eugenics. Its a sick game where your fears fuel their spiritual fires spreading throughout your psyche. Don’t attend to them–in your mind, in your neighborhood, in town, on the streets, or online. They can only feed on what we give them; so I would suggest giving them no attention or time personally. Documenting and taking pictures and videos are ways to collect evidence, to prove to others what you are experiencing and to take back your control. Even though it doesn’t stop things and the “authorities” don’t care and usually laugh in our faces at our pain and confusion, it often can slow things down and always makes us feel better because we aren’t prescribing to the helpless victim meme.

      God bless you as you find your way and purpose in this.


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