FBI Whistleblower on CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix of Targeted Individuals

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Excerpt from Homepage at http://boblevin.org/

Today Bob Levin is a validated FBI Whistleblower whose clandestine security clearance was outed multiple times. As a blacklisted investigative journalist, he exists under the sanctions of political retributions that are something cousin to the erosive practices of evolved McCarthyism applied in conjuncture with ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations and the tactics, techniques and technologies employed under the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix. The intent of this systematic systemic genocidal formula for negative eugenics, recognizes the primary earmark of CIA torture programs, which is to cause “self-inflicted harm” in the various forms of that meaning. Levin’s once meaningful life was converted into an existence of adjunct human slavery. His individual sense of self-identity in human beings was eroded while facing the hopelessness of an emerging virtual death camp environment. There in that place, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs on average at twenty-four days of exposure until even those conditioned to not have a breaking point begin to welcome the idea of peace through oblivion. This American citizen and validated Whistleblower Patriot, by evidence, fact and definition remains a U.S. Torture Victim who has been herded towards seek asylum outside the United States in lieu of a defection.

The Blackfile Summary Report will provide a historical accounting reaching back to the end of WWI and forward into the present moment. It will reveal that both specific and randomly targeted individuals having been sanctioned as involuntary human test animals since the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program. The continued testing and development of Direct Energy Weapons [DEW] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERW] employing weaponized electromagnetic pulse radiation technologies and other inhuman measures against innocent American, Canadian and world citizens.

The reader will be offered the report by one of Levin’s republican sources close to the U.S. Secret Service who volunteered that a criminal Congressional conspiracy and cover-up took place between Senator John McCain and President George H.W. Bush. McCain allegedly agreed to use an unwitting scapegoat to blame for the deaths of American and Canadian citizens following a regional power blackout caused by then President George H.W. Bush’s [facilitator and U.S. intelligence agent] issuance of a clandestine order to test an aerial EMP weapon from a refitted military A-6 E Intruder jet-bomber over New York City. The covert military action deploying the use of an electronic warfare device, subsequently killed a number of American and Canadian citizens being used as involuntary human test animals. Many of the victims were reportedly killed when their hospital life support systems failed en masse.

The Blackfile Summary Report will explain the use of weaponized electronics to penetrate the private and intellectual electronic property and media of persons for the theft and destruction of future earnings and to prevent the disclosure of information to the public. Directed Energy Weapons’ technologies have also been used repeatedly to corrupt software programs and destroy electrodnic media equipment or other personal property as a means for deconstructing freedom of speech and the free press. Most often this results by the perceived threat of exposure from disseminated information that would expose government corruption and/or the commission of crimes against humanity by a U.N. signatory possessing immunity, but not impunity.

Within the historical discussion, Levin will examine the “repeated frequency of occurrences” that becomes “no touch” invisible physical torture with the implementation of the CIA Torture Paradigm and the psyops of counterintelligence reverse tactics ranging from insidious to blatant acts of depraved indifference. This formula is replete with the built-in plausible deniability that causes the unaffected to ask the question “why would someone do this to another person”, to which the answer remains, “so you would ask that very question beneath a fog of delusional suspicion.”

Other points within the Blackfile Summary Report will reveal the ongoing acts of espionage by moles within the U.S. government. The illegal use of warrantless wiretapping, roving bug applications, illegal reverse targeting under FISA and HIPAA violations through punitive medical Cointelpro. The introduction of pseudo processed human waste into the food chain as fertilizers given green friendly names. The report by a source close to the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC] team that was ordered by the Bush White House through the Pentagon “do not kill Osama bin Laden and withdraw your team from the area” after Bin Laden was identified in Pakistan and a confirmation order was requested to neutralize the combatant target. The leaking of classified and federally sealed documents to serve as the U.S. government’s passive sanction for assassination in political retribution. The known and suspected jackal assassinations of innocent human beings, targeted individuals, journalists, federal witnesses, and whistleblower patriots with the defining pattern of death occurring days before testifying and others being neutralized as warnings to a third party; e.g., Dr. Frank Olson, James Michael Francke, Vincent Foster, CIA Chief Bill Colby, Gary Webb, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, Michael Connell, Paul David Wellstone, Michael McLaughlin, and John “Jack” Wheeler. The wrongful death, kidnapping, rape, sexual mutilation, and attempted murder of non-criminal federal witnesses while active within the WITSEC Program; two reported Senator Chris Dodd and his father for money laundering government funds through quasi federal agencies and organized crime syndicates. The truth behind a U.S. blacksite facility that is a legacy of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program hidden beneath the boilerplate of another federal agency’s clandestine program. The story of locating a Nazi SS war criminal living in the U.S. in 1983. The list of known federal administrators and other culpable actors having committed major index crimes, congressional perjury and coconspiratorial acts during their given testimonies regarding the false flag operation of 911 and while fraudulently obtaining black project budgets. The theft of government funds by a former clandestine federal agent sent to prison and released as a federal felon to affect illegal Cointelpro operations as orchestrated by his culpable former known federal administrators and other supervisory and clandestine agents. The deliberate and duplicitous obstruction of justice under the color of selective enforcement by U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder with his refusal under Title 18 USC to provide written authorization to publish the names of known culpable clandestine federal agents.

In 1994, Levin survived a pseudo successful Cointelpro assassination attempt by an electronics special weapons engineer employed by the Pentagon’s U.S. Naval Department. Levin won a federal lawsuit against the United States and the file was sealed. During the unconstitutional occupation of the executive branch by corporatist facilitators, the Bush White House threatened Levin to remain silent or face the government’s invention of a criminal charge while they simultaneously outed his clandestine security clearance multiple times to serve as the government’s passive sanction for the assassination of another American Patriot and validated FBI Whistleblower.

Although the U.S. government knowingly subverts its own prosecution for global terrorism, torture, genocide, and mass murder as a duplicitous United Nations’ signatory, possibly Judge Baltasar Garzón with the Spanish Courts would hear this case.

Bob Levin has legal standing with grounds for a Bivens action with universal jurisdiction and is seeking a transnational contract for book publications to be converted into screenplays for documentary films and movie productions as works of fiction based on a true story. Levin’s business prospectus also includes the development of a lecture syllabus, consulting services and writing and producing a unique and entertaining television program to explore culture, food and travel throughout India.

The Jewish Holocaust never ended. It was imported back to its eugenic origins in America where it became U.S. black projects used in the testing and development of the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm. This shift away from acts of physical torture leaving marks, recognizes a transition towards psychological warfare methods leaving no marks that are also coined “no touch” invisible physical torture. The primary earmark of CIA torture programs is the causing of self-inflicted harm in the various forms of that meaning, which does not necessarily denote suicide, but will inevitably cause thoughts of achieving peace through oblivion. Since the second leg of CIA MK-ULTRA, Project Artichoke, specific and randomly targeted individuals have been sanctioned as involuntary human test animals. Initially U.S. and Canadian citizens were the first targeted individuals sanctioned with the micro concentrations of “slow kill” and “silent kill” applications employing the tactics, techniques and technologies to affect systematic systemic genocide and negative eugenics. Since the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, KUBARK, Cointelpro, WITSEC, 9-11, Abu Ghraib prison, and the surrounding events of Hurricane Katrina that used a natural disaster to simulate the detonation of a low yield nuclear device on U.S. soil, these methods of individual and mass extermination have been globalized in the macro. When a human being’s hopes are eroded along with their individual sense of self-identity, a once meaningful life is converted into an existence of adjunct human slavery within an emerging virtual death camp environment. Beneath the clandestine mud of evolutionary change, these unseen black projects have migrated like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs while routinely shedding their outer shells to later emerge as newer versions of the same godless atrocities while they leave behind the empty places of their past existences like riddles trapped in mysteries wrapped with enigmas.

Law is the sausage of corporatist politics ground with the corruption of contaminated justice and sold under the misnomer brand name of American Democracy – a product recall has been issued with a demand for a 3rd Cointelpro Investigation.- Bob Levin © 2011, Investigative Journalist, validated FBI Whistleblower.

NSA Whistleblower, Thomas Drake

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