Soft Kill, Slow Kill by Mu


Just found this poignant poetic gem and am deeply affected by the raw truth of the dear writer’s life story. This courageous lady’s thoughts are disturbingly relatable to thousands of others’ current experiences. Do you relate?

metachild muse


Soft kill, slow kill, call it what you will

While I’m being murdered, you will pay the bill

After all, you’ve already paid it in your taxes

Didn’t you get the memo? Didn’t they send you faxes?

Life as a TI really really sucks

But I was born into it via dumb luck

Naomi, Monarch, Project Artichoke

MK Ultra, no it’s not a joke

Implant victim committing no crimes

They call me bastard, but they’re just the slime

Through the Catholic Church, into slavery I was sold

Just so I could be a product of mind control

Zapping me with microwaves and magnetic radiation

Where am I? This couldn’t be my nation

Thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave

Not the land of the asleep and the home of the enslaved

Where they’ll do anyone’s bidding for a price

I feel my brain’s…

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2 comments on “Soft Kill, Slow Kill by Mu

  1. Sods —- Law.


    For almost two decades we have strived to get justice for the injustice we have suffered at the hands of a world renowned bank .

    Two Yorkshire men both running their own family businesses trying to resolve the problem by taking the correct legal procedures to recover their monies.

    The matter was raised in parliament –twice – the FSA investigated the matter concluding that the bank had rogues operating in their London Bank — but the rogues had left — so there.

    We then approached the Financial Ombudsman Service – our case was dealt with by seven different people —- then numerous E-Mails were ignored — nobody would speak to us. – so there.

    We then asked the SFO ( Serious Fraud Office) to investigate our case
    — the criteria of our case ticked all their boxes — we were instructed not to send down any documents / evidence — in fact they wrote to us advising us to go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. ( CAB) .

    RICHARD ALDERMAN ( The Boss) —- who responded to our letter was the man who would not investigate the “ Madoff “ scandal or the “Libor” fiasco. The MP’S committee —– said he was sloppy — and the SFO was run like “ Fred Karno’s Circus. —– so there.

    Our M.P. approached our local Chief Constable to investigate – our West
    Yorkshire Police Force — made “ Dad’s Army” look like the S.A.S.
    Inept , corrupt – from top to bottom. We were criminally dealt with by the Forces Solicitor — the Head of the Economic Crime Unit — and the Chief Constable — one SIR NORMAN BETTISON. —- so there.

    We then were advised to pass our complaint against West Yorkshire Police to the I.P.C.C.— which we did — they instructed the West Yorkshire Police to look into our complaint. —-so there.

    Sir Norman Bettison —and the Forces Solicitor –and the Head of the Economic Crime Unit – all removed from their posts and facing criminal allegatioins. — So there

    We even sought justice through the Courts , culminating in a visit to the Court of Appeal. London. On leaving the Court of Appeal that day our barrister ( a rising star ) informed us that if that was justice then they can keep it. He quit the law and moved to Canada.—-so there.

    We learned a few years later that one of the judge’s in our case at the Courts of Appeal was related to a senior executive of the Bank.—so there.

    The Bank —- PICTET & CIE.. London. — Geneva.
    Voted private bank of the year —2013.
    IVAN PICTET —- the senior partner — lied on numerous occasions and had documents destroyed — said genuine documents were forgeries.
    2012—Voted Banker of the Year.
    Oct 2013 — Given the LEGION of HONOUR — so there

    But saying that honours were given to Hitler—Eichmann— Mussolini —
    Franco – he’s in fitting company. —- so there.

    MONTY RAPHAEL –Peters & Peters. London were the banks lawyers.
    He along with Ivan Pictet withheld crucial documents requested by the High Court —- the FSA and the police Fraud Squad.

    Monty Raphael became an Honorary Queens Counsellor. ( Q.C.) in March.2012 —- made Master of the Bench in Nov.2012 .
    An expert in Fraud – the Doyen of Fraud Lawyers – so there.

    This says a lot about Banks —- the consensus of opinion is that they are highly paid “crooks” — no wonder they voted Ivan Pictet banker of the year .

    Full Story —-“ google or yahoo”

    Ivan Pictet. Banker.
    Monty Raphael.Q.C.
    Ivan Pictet/Monty Raphael.

    Look in particular at the “ images.” Section.

  2. Update —- Nov 18th– 2013.

    Pictet & Cie Bank
    List of Crimes.
    1996 — F.S.A. — Breach in London.
    2003 — F.S.A. — States
    Rogues were operating in Pictet’s London offices.
    Ivan Pictet states that documents were forgeries but were later proved to be genuine in the British Courts. ( Ivan Pictet a proven liar.). He had documents destroyed in their London office – hoping to hide the crimes.
    2007 — The Securities&Exchange Surveillance ( Japan.)
    Issued a recommendation that the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of the F.S.A. to take disciplinary action against Pictet Asset Management – Japan Ltd.
    2008 — Dec. — Pictet Bank state – “ We have never chosen any funds linked to MADOFF.
    2011 – Madoff Trustees sue Pictet & Cie. Bank . for $156,000,000. ( They lied again.)
    2011 — Pictet & Cie bank abetted a Bribery Scheme. — Oil Company sues Pictet Bank for — $350,000,000.
    2012 — April.—Pictet & Cie, Bank .Geneva implicated in offshore Tax Scheme. –USA .
    2012 — June. — Published in Anglo INFO. Geneva, —- USA Trust Fund were sent false and fraudulent documents by Pictet Bank in order to collect large fees.
    (Like MADOFF). – Even after the SEC in the USA had uncovered the fraud Pictet Bank continued to charge fees and drain whatever was left in these accounts.
    Estimated that – $90,000,000 was lost in this Pictet Ponzi Scheme.
    2012 — July — German paper –De – Spiegel — states — Pictet Bank uses a letterbox company in Panama and a tax loophole involving investments in London to lure/gain German Millionaires as clients.
    2012 — August. — German Oppositon Leader accuses Swiss Banks of “ organised crime”.
    2013 — Swiss M.P.’s table motion to freeze Tiab Mahmuds assets of “ criminal origins” held in Swiss banks — $18,000,000 held in five accounts at Pictet & Cie Bank . Bahamas.
    2013 — Feb. — The bank is now seeking to re-structure — to cut the partners liability ( not to risk their ill gotten personal wealth.) — hoping to offload the decades of criminal responsibility. ( Some listed above.)
    The Germans are right – the bankers should go to prison if found guilty of financial crimes. ( Madoff got 150 years in prison — surely the Pictet Bank’s partners should go to jail.)
    Ironically the Pictet & Cie .Bank partners are bigger criminals than the criminals who have accounts in their bank. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Pictet & Cie Bank.— Partners —– ( 1996—2013)—Guilty.
    Peters & Peters — Partners —— (1996 — 2013) —Guilty.

    The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately withheld crucial documents requested under a High Court Order. The bank and it’s officials/lawyers deliberately held evidence from the police/courts.
    One of Pictet’s accounts managers SUSAN BROADHEAD gave a false witness statement to the police. The banks Head of Alternative Investments concocted a letter pretending to be a client and closed his account.
    The senior partner ( IVAN PICTET) sought to have numerous documents destroyed along with copies held in their London Office’s of Pictet Asset Management. Initially stating that they were forgeries.
    Their lawyers PETERS & PETERS —– re MONTY RAPHAEL.Q.C. and the barrister CHARLES FLINT. Q.C. later had to admit in Court that the documents were indeed genuine.
    British Parliament. Hansard.
    Barry Sheerman .M.P. — quote:
    “ Constituents of mine have lost £2,000,000. through fraud. The fraudster used Pictet & Cie – a French Bank – and Pictet Asset Management to back the fraud being perpetrated”.
    Both Ivan Pictet and Monty Raphael Q.C. conspired to withhold crucial documents requested by the High Court —- the F.S.A —– and the Police Fraud Squad.
    Written Parliamentary Questions received by the table office.
    (1) To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to ensure that Swiss Banks such as Pictet & Cie do not evade criminal prosecution under EU law even when the illegal act is committed by a London based subsidiary.
    (2) To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking mto protect the rights of UK citizens who seek redress following criminal activities by Swiss banks with subsidiary offices located in London.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – .
    The consensus of opinion is that Pictet & Cie bank should be prosecuted, and that their U.K. Banking licence should be taken away.
    Their Solicitors at Peters & Peters.London. – “ Struck off and prosecuted.
    In America they would have all been in prison for the last seven years.

    Full Story. —– Google or Yahoo.
    Ivan Pictet. Banker.
    Charles Pictet. Banker.
    Nicolas Pictet. Banker.
    Renaud de Plant. Banker.
    Francois DeMole. Banker.
    Jacques de Saussure. Banker.
    Philippe Bertherat. Banker.
    Monty Raphael Q.C.

    Also view “ images” section.

    For several years we placed the following on hundreds of media sites —
    *** Were currently waiting to see if the West Yorkshire Police :-
    (1) Chief Constable —- Sir Norman Bettison.
    (2) Forces Solicitor —- Mike Percival.
    (3) Head of Economic Crimes Unit.— Det. Chief Inspector Steven Taylor.
    — continue to attempt to cover this case up like their F.S.A. Counterparts.
    We can now confirm that all three of West Yorkshire’s senior police officials have all been removed from their posts and facing criminal allegations.

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