UNPRECEDENTED Levels of Attacks for Weeks

EMR Readings that Max Out the Meter

Whether I am preparing my daily food extra-early in the morning (typically by 4:30), bathing, or trying to do anything else in my apartment at any time, I have been experiencing the radiation dance in my apartment for months. I take the meter with me and check throughout my activity if the radiation levels have been turned up. By taking the meter and following the reading to its strongest area of focus, you can determine the source or direction. Mine comes through one spot in the center wall of my apartment approximately 1 foot from the circuit breaker box and radiates out from there. Yesterday, I was left alone in my early am cooking session, however, the EMR went way high by 11:00, and I had to hustle the kitty and myself to our safe 5′ x 5′ corner; and there lunch ingredients were gathered to and prepared. Life by meter–good times in old Redondo.

Lately, these attacks have been at record levels of intensity. I take my meter and walk the parameters of my living space and record the radiation levels. The last few weeks, when I put the meter against my neighbor’s wall that is about 8 feet from the source, frequently, it is still well over 50 gauss with pulses topping the meter’s 50 gauss limit. That means that my neighbors are being treated to these insane levels of radiation that are high enough to make them sick. When the levels are very strong like this, I feel pressure in my head, my eyes ache, I get a headache, and even nauseous on occasion–and I’ll feel it within minutes. Are they just more collateral damage in this Freemason plot to destroy me? Considering that the man that lives there is a low level perpetrator, what does that say for their bloodthirsty system of power, abuse, control and sacrifice?

For the record, as soon as these radiation influxes happen, I grab my camera and shoot video of the me holding the meter as I walk around my apartment getting the measurements from room to room. I have done this for 6 months and have over a hundred of these videos. I had more, but the Anton look-alike perp likes to sabotage and steal things like that.

Wireless Attacks that have Shut Down My Phone and My Computer Device

The last few months have been ridiculous in terms of the “handling” of my attempts at communication. Recently, its been all day every day, to the point where I can’t get any business done. The recent total blockage of my phone’s signals, is just another aspect of a massive increase in targeting. All of my moving preparations have been re-schmegmafied and vandalized by Anton, too. Since he vandalized and broke my carpet cleaning machine one of the last times that he was crawling around in here, I ordered a new one on Amazon. I also had placed orders for athletic shoes, an air purifier, and vitamins.

The music of a circus calliope can be heard off in the distance….

The United Parcel felony Service and Federal felony Express fun zone is in full swing again. Step right up and, you too, can witness packages delivered cut or broken into, vandalized, stuffed back in, taped back up and delivered with the proverbial satanic grin. Now, when you get had by a company, you report the crime. The first items to arrive were the pair of athletic shoes and socks (Anton likes get to new shoes and stretch them out and cut stitches and fun stuff life that). The socks were fuzzed up and stretched out and the shoes were vandalized. I reported them and ordered their replacement, which came in 2 days in the same condition. I took pictures and reported.

That was 2 weeks ago and, now when I try to make a phone call, I cannot usually get through at all. My internet has been unusable for the most part, too. When the new carpet machine came, it was the first Fed Ex package and they literally had cut open each side and the top and took it out and heavily vandalized (broke) it. I guess they didn’t want me to be able to clean those carpets.

While trying to report the carpet machine, I was able to get through to Amazon customer service about 40 times, and actually got through and talked to a supervisor 4 times before I was disconnected. This went on for over 3 hours. It would seem that Big Brother was not going to let me report the carpet machine vandal crime. Knowing that Amazon records their calls, I decided to start talking in a more direct way; specifically about organized crime. Within 10 minutes of talking about organized crime, I got through and my 20 or so minute call was successful. I had expedited the shipping ($54) and wanted my steep shipping fee refunded in full. It also seems that whoever has been “handling” my communications does not want the public to hear these crimes referred to for what they are–government sponsored and sanctioned organized crime. They also love to waste my time and to bleed my bank account.

Increase in Intensity of All Directed Energy Attacks

I wake up with little cuts on my face and legs and tiny blood blisters all over my body. I get intense directed burning and stabbing pains daily. Usually the right side of the top of my head is the area of focus directed at my head.

Three weeks ago, at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, I was kneeling by one of my plants when I started experiencing a sharp pain to my heart. I have had painful pains and spasms in my diaphragm before and this was  definitely all heart. The pain was so acute that, whenever I initiated even the slightest of movements, it would increase to an excruciating intensity and  I would immediately freeze. It took me over a 1/2 hour just  to get off the floor and into a nearby chair. The entire episode lasted over an 1 1/2 hours and was the most pain that I have ever experienced aside from several broken bone incidents in my life of torture spanning nearly 50 years.

Here I am, trying to move away from another gangster beach town (unfortunately to another one), and I have to keep paying more rent to get everything that I do stopped, thwarted, or seriously compromised. Just more organized gang crime shenanigans that create the wasting of time, a money bleed, and many cowardly attempts to incite fear, terror, and an absolute helpless powerlessness over a completely unjustified demonic situation of many years and counting. I am not afraid of cowards or of what can kill the body anymore. Many of us get backed into a corner where we have to take a stand and maybe even a bullet. But, I think Tupac put it most eloquently. Of course, as with many effective truth tellers in popular culture, he ended up being sacrificed in a public spectacle of blood-soaked carnage in order to terrorize the rest of us–a potent weapon in the NWO mind control arsenal.

12 comments on “UNPRECEDENTED Levels of Attacks for Weeks

  1. I just tried to reply I am a target in Asheville NC now I have been in Hong KONg Thailand and Cambodia running from this. Any ideas where to run to or any safe city in the usa.

    • I have lived in many cities over the last 12 years and it has been my experience that it follows you. I am not aware of any U.S. state that these programs are not being implemented. However, some states are worse than others regarding the targeting. Please get in touch with me by email if you have more questions. God bless you.

  2. I have been tortured for 5 yrs the torture to my heart was worse in asia where i tried to escape. Now here in NC its no picnic and in the public library no less. I lost everything in NY NY i didnt knwo what gangstalking was but experienced it non stop. A few arrests around 34th st last summer none here that i know of but Hong Kong did manage to lock some up the CID in Mongkok. Thank god they even told the Bangkok Us consulate i wasnt crazy i wrote them and visited them about torture in AA meetings and just about any guest house i stayed in. I am american I upset someone i am not even sure but i know my landlord in ny ny played a part in this. He is still walking around free. I had so many perps living around me it was crazy. I dream of escape.
    See my photos on flckr and photoshop under gangstalkers or gangstalking. I would like to know what to buy and how much to measure the electronic torture around me.

    • I am so sorry to hear of the global harassment, stalking and torture that you have experienced. Your story sounds horrific and I can tell that you are a strong person just to have survived. I have a Trifield Meter that works to find all frequencies and also the direction that they are coming from. They run about $140. There are other meters that are less expensive, too. However, you know that you are being tortured with remote weapons, so the shielding seems to be of paramount importance for you. Research shielding or get in touch with me through email and I will help you if I can. God bless you and never give up or stop talking!

  3. You know, I am so glad you talk about this stuff being used throughout history, which I know it has been going on since the druids. They use everything, including language, which they developed. I have this sinking suspicion that we (TIs) are an industry for them to profit from, like crops. I am disgusted. They should reap a heavy burden for what they do. BTW,. would you take a look at my newest two vids on youtube? I am curious about your opinion.

    • Hi Mu!

      Firstly, happy belated birthday to you! You made it another year by the grace of God and, in this situation, that’s a miracle in my estimation.

      God knows our pain intimately and wants to be our only resource in this. He doesn’t want us mingling with other “gods” because they are all liars and are out to steal our innocence and soul. He understands how hard it is for us to trust and how painful and lonely our lives are. The only peace for anyone in this is through him. Step by step we build the faith necessary for him to carry us through the next day and tribulation. We are not of this world, Mu, and that’s why we are chosen for this. We live today because God is protecting us and taking care of us despite impossible circumstances.

      We may be a cash crop in today’s sick world, but everyone is on some level. We cannot change what was done to us in the past but we can put our story out there potentially affecting thousands of others of mind control subjects and get the validation and support that we need and deserve. I don’t know about you, but the last place that I would go for this is any professional with initials after their name. Its a big game, a scam, and a racket about money, control and getting rid of a few billion useless eaters. So lets just stick together and not take it personally!

      I just watched your video and I think its really good and succinct. You also sound positive which is hard when you are tortured 24/7 and I commend you for that. I went to your Youtube channel and noticed that you have been busy, too. Good for you to get your story out there and get some legitimate feedback for all of the horrors that you’ve endured. You’re a very smart and brave lady. I hope that things get better for you and that you can find some peace in this situation. Keep up the good work, soldier, it will make you strong and bring you understanding and maybe even a little joy in the end! Thanks for sharing!!!


      • Your welcome, sweet Mu. It makes me sick also, but it helps to know that it is this way be design. The fact that the Luciferian powers in charge cannot change us to be like them–even though they are killing us–is the reason that it continues at this level. We are separated from the hive mind that we were never apart of in the first place to be tortured, oppressed and killed. By not taking on the hate and staying sweet we are manifesting a miracle of the heart that no human effort could ever create. Indeed, only God can heal these wounds and paradoxically bring us joy and peace during this oppressive slaughter all the while delivering a people who choose God and good over the seductive lures of this carnal world.

        When we understand this and choose God knowing that his laws are only for our benefit, we flourish in the midst of this sacrificial culling.

        Proverbs 3:5-6
        5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

        God bless you, Mu~

    • Thank you, Mary. I pray for all targets; especially those at the limits of human endurance and those who struggle with faith. I praise God for his long-suffering, patience with me as he has always been there for me–he never jumped ship no matter how lost I was. I am grateful for the faith that God has built within me as a paradoxical consequence of the fulfilling of his will through this evil paradigm.

      I hold fast to God’s eternal promises. He tells us,”that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” ~Romans 8:28.

      God bless you and your spirit of encouragement!

  4. Bear in mind, that if you and those around you have SMART meters…A) your neighborhood is a low-level microwave oven and 2) Microwaves can be used as “carrier waves” to intensify an attack.
    That’s why I live in the country and away from so-called civilization or city life.

    • We do have SMART meters here. No doubt there is a lot of sick technological abuse going on here, but one source of the EMR is located inside of the center wall in my apartment, about 1 foot from my breaker box. At the spot on the other side of the wall is the bathroom where its radiating out of an area of wall that has had a huge hole in it that has been patched.

      My theory is that something is attached to the plumbing or that there is something installed in the wall. Sometimes when the perp upstairs comes home, the radiation is turned on within seconds. That makes me wonder, also.

      Oh, how I dream of country life. I think I’m going to most likely have to keep dreaming until this has played itself out and Jesus returns to claim those of us who want no part in this Beast antichrist system.

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