Payoffs of Working for the Synagogue of Satan

2012, My 50th Year

This year started off with cat blood, heavy vandalism and me reaching a point of intrepidness over the parade of gangsters who parade in and out of my life–cops, Freemasons, business leaders with control over parts of my world, lawyers, realtors, UPS & Federal Express, US Bank managers, locksmiths, and every other weak person who parasitically is feeding off of me.

Facts are that the Lord has used these evil crimes and all of the orchestrated chaos to wake me up and  build my Christian character. Growth is never easy or painless and truth tellers have been silenced throughout time. Also, the sadistic tactics used in organized gang stalking and electronic mind control were devised years ago and used throughout history. Not to minimize this most cruel program, but it is a matter of history repeating itself–again. Technological advances in mind control/behavioral control weapons are what distinguish the current torture matrix from what the detainees and death camp victims experienced in Nazi Germany–and the distinction is huge.

Its been 10 full months of absolute pain, torture and a total lack of safety in this, my 10th year of heavy targeting. I began blogging and started getting heavy doses of radiation along with radical directed energy attacks. I was shielding from the directed energy attacks but was unaware of the radiation being pumped through my walls and came down with full-blown radiation sickness.

The Lord requires that my intentions and motivations be as pure as possible in reporting these crimes on this blog. I have taken a long time to wait out all desires for revealing them out of revenge or hurt or any other impure reason. These are very serious life threatening and life killing crimes and no one is an island–even our perpetrators. They lead secret lives hidden from their loved ones and many others around them. This is the reason that I reveal myself and my name throughout my blog as it adds credence to my story and allows me to also reveal those who choose to perpetrate crimes against me.

Anton the Perp Shows Off

Anton has totally been avoiding walking in front of our apartment on the walking path of the Esplanade. I have only seen him 3 times over recent weeks; two of those being within the last week. Today, I saw him walking along the low tide line at 3:15 pm. In the past, he usually is off of his perp duties with me and goes for lunch and probably a debriefing session. I won’t go into it now, but my perps are trying to create reasons for me to have to leave my apartment in a hurry and I won’t/can’t do it. I believe that Anton took a late break because he hoped that I would leave.

When I saw him on the beach for the first time obviously avoiding walking by my windows, I just had to take pictures. The low tide was extreme and he was very far away but he was looking and saw me in my apartment. As usual, he fumbles in his pocket for his camera, retrieves it and does his whole, “perp twisting the tables routine and pretending that his long time target is really his perp instead” schtick. Cute little counter moves like that are relatively entertaining to me at this point. Meanwhile, watch the weasels scatter and avoid your gaze. They exhibit many signs of psychopathy and that everything is a manipulative game or a skit in their life, is a sad reality about the substance of their character’s.

Sunday, I went to the apartment that I am trying to move into and when I got back, I noticed a car parked at the end of our narrow community driveway. I thought nothing of it as I proceeded to pulled within 10 feet of it and backed into my garage. Since I have the security problems that I have, unloading the car takes a long time as I try to carry everything (including my cat) with me in one wide and weighty trip.

It took a good 4 minutes to unload on Sunday. As I was almost to the stairwell, who pops up from behind the front of the car that I now noticed was brand new, but the Anton Lavey look alike perp. I was within feet of not even knowing that it was his new car and he decides to flaunt his new payoff for his lazy surveillance and speeder levels of obsessive/compulsive troll-like vandalism of me and my life!

Why would he do that? He wants me to know, of course. His narcissistic pride and neurotic ego needs drove him to pop-up and boldly claim his prize before his victim. I figured that, if exposing the situation was that important to him, I should go get my camera and see if I could help share his enthusiasm with the world.

He wasn’t so exuberant when I came from behind the corner as he was polishing his new wheels and took his picture. Once again, I got from him, “Hey Lady, what’s your problem?” As I got to the opening of the stairwell I said, “I don’t have one,” and he retorted, “Oh, yes you do–you have a few.”

I have no problem exposing these gang criminals, no matter how self-important they are or popular with fellow operatives of their satanic order. I have had death threats for years delivered through various creative means and efforts. I have a few posts on that in my head.

Meanwhile, the persecution of the saints continues and innocent blood is being shed. But God tells us that we need not worry that all these events–man-made chaos and satanic bloodletting is a sign that we are closer to the great Day of the Lord. For someone in my position,  I know that God is preparing me for what is to come every day and I suffer gladly for HIS and no man’s honor, nor satanic being’s, nor Lucifer himself.

In the end, it’s about proclaiming my love of God and my faith and acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for me on the cross, thereby giving me direct access to the Godhead. It’s about whatever God asks of me that I may live my life for him, actualizing his plan. I pray that I will be able to claim in the day that I pass that, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” ~2 Timothy 4:10

May God bless and draw near to all targets around the world and reveal his glorious peace to them along their arduous journey as they, too, fight the good fight of faith.

12 comments on “Payoffs of Working for the Synagogue of Satan

    • Oh my goodness. A hidden comment from an old friend. Thank you for reading and the comment. God does protect the people who are committed to him and the try to follow his Word and Truth. God bless you as you find and follow your truth in Christ. Love

  1. I m learning more everyday how to detox our bodies from the horrendous chemical attacks.
    I would like to discuss further information about this subject if possible to contact me.

    • Dear Rhonda,

      Thank you for your request. My lifelong passion has been wellness and disease prevention. As you know, I spent many hours researching and studying detoxification and the nutrient requirements for someone battling toxin, pesticide and heavy metal exposure. We may not be able to control our exposure and may have accumulated years of toxic sludge in our bodies, but we can use the healing foods and herbs that God has given us to cleanse and heal ourselves. Most of the items necessary to accomplish the task are inexpensive and easily obtained.

      You probably already saw the radiation document that I posted in another comment but, in case you didn’t, here it is again:

      Click to access RadiationDetoxDraft.pdf

      This document explains what you need to do to detoxify and chelate heavy metals (and other toxins) from your body. Its a great place to start.

      An important thing to mention is the importance of taking ionic minerals, especially, magnesium. It is utilized in over 300 metabolic functions and is extremely important to supplement. One of the best ways and inexpensive ways is to use magnesium oil. Not really an oil, it is a pure source of magnesium that soaks right into your skin and has immediate bioavailability. Other important minerals are calcium, zinc, and selenium as these are important for immune vitality.

      I look forward to talking with you soon. I would love to get out of crisis and into writing helpful blog posts about how to get through this utilizing healthy adaptive strategies and using natural remedies. Thanks for your interest.

      God bless you, my friend~
      ❤ Lynn

    • Thanks for the suggestions and for taking the time to post them.

      Shielding is key, however, many of us don’t realize that we are being cooked by EMR and our first clue is profound sickness. I had full-blown radiation sickness this year and there are many other things that you need to do to chelate these metals and poisons out of our bodies.

      The most effective way to rid the body of radiation is by using zeolite or calcium bentonite (food grade) internally. Bathing in green clays and calcium bentonite is also very effective to draw out the metals that lodge in our bodies and stay.

      Chlorella is one of the best algae foods to draw out the radiation, with spirulina being a close second. All algae is effective for this purpose as are mushrooms and sulpher containing foods such as, garlic, onions and beans. Plant enzymes are some of the most healing properties that we can consume and, the more the better if one is sick.

      One of the most beneficial things that we can do for our health; especially if we are detoxifying from radiation or other heavy metal exposure, is to make the body alkaline. When our bodies are in an alkaline state, inflammation (the cause of ALL disease in its initial phase) cannot occur. We arrest and begin the disease reversal process in this way.

      The normal pH of blood is 7.2. By raising our pH to that or even slightly more alkaline, say 7.4, we can reverse the inflammatory disease process in our bodies and cancer will cease to grow and die off, too.

      An easy way to create the alkaline state is to drink lots of distilled water with aluminum-free baking soda and lemon and/or lime juice added. This works no matter how poor the diet, is painless and will go a long way towards building the body. Unfortunately, the SAD–standard American diet–is totally acidic-forming and, therefore, always leads to the breakdown of the body and disease.

      For many of us, for various reasons, its just not practical to build a Faraday cage . Also, from what I understand, they are not effective to block all of the torture. If our EEG’s have been downloaded by our NSA handlers, we will get tortured Faraday cage or not.

      Truth is, there are many things that we can do to help ourselves. After weeks of eating the clay and taking the baths, I got rid of the constant nausea, the mind-splitting head and ear aches, and I got my energy back. I still take chlorella, spirulina, mushrooms, high doses of ionic minerals and other supplements.

      Ionic minerals are positively charged; so they go into the body and neutralize metals. The radiation attacks cause our neurons to leak calcium, which causes a whole chain reaction of problems. We tend to need lots of extra selenium, zinc, magnesium and iodine, so quality mineral supplementation is also important.

      Everyone–target and non-target alike–would benefit from a detox program such as this as everything is compromised. We have parasites, metals, toxins, chemicals, poisons, and much more lodged in our cells bogging down our metabolism and degrading our quality of life. We can cleanse our bodies and experience healing and great boosts to our vital energy through doing so.

      This scholarly document contains the protocols for the various levels of radiation exposure and poisoning. It is the most thorough document of its kind on the internet and was highly researched and in the future as it is my primary passion in life.

      Click to access RadiationDetoxDraft.pdf

      • A Faraday cage will not stop it all. Granted. But it will stop enough to give a noticeable measure of relief.
        I bought screen-door aluminum screening and sewed it between two thin blankets. I made two of them.
        One was under my sheets and I slept under the other. (I started sleeping better.)
        Then I got a wild idea and hung 5 of them in a bathroom… four walls and the ceiling. (I stopped falling in the shower)
        If you’ll contact me thru my website, I’ll send you a “stress -reliever” that has proven itself to be a 5 Star BS stopper. It’s called EMDR. (you can use it alone or call me and I’ll talk you through it as many times as you need – any TI is welcome to this!)
        Just so you know… I am an MKUltra graduate. I was NEVER broken.

      • This is not the first time that I have heard of the screening sewn into blankets using multiple pieces–definitely doable.

        When it comes down to the psycho/spiritual effects of this program designed to kill, I lean on God and his word. This is about stealing the soul by killing the spirit. This is a demonic battle described in Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.” Our perps may operate in human form but they have given themselves over to demons, witchcraft and the occult arts in order to obtain power and control in this life. They literally feed off of whatever power or energy that they can suck out of our lives.

        The best stress reliever is learning about and submitting to God. I would not know what peace was if it weren’t for the love of God that never leaves my heart, mind or side. Any more, mine is a walk in pure faith in love of what is good and right. I love the paradox of my life. On the outside it looks like a tragedy from the get go but, in God’s kingdom the first shall be the last and things are not as they appear in this world. The paradox put to words……Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

        Thanks for the help!

  2. Well said, it takes our faith in God to stand up against evil! Thank you for sharing. God Bless and pray our torture ends soon.

    • Faith, courage, long-suffering patience, endurance, God’s word (truth), his spirit and a love of his law that results in obedience–these are qualities of those who will meet Jesus. In Romans 8:1, he tells us, “There is, therefore, now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” To me this means, we are not judged as faulty sinners as long as we are dedicated to serving Christ and growing in the truth that is alive in us through God’s spirit. When we drop the shame and become the love that is in God’s acceptance and forgiveness for our sins, we flourish in Christ’s love.

      I pray for these qualities; especially faith, for all of those who are under persecution. God bless you as you continue to fight the good fight of faith and serve the Lord in this dark age.

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