L.A. County Sheriff’s Helicopter Harassment & Surveillance

Many targets of this community-based terror protocol experience an unusual amount of police surveillance. This is commonplace nearly every time that I leave my apartment. However, nothing tops air surveillance in terms of sheer Chutzpa.

 The following pictures were taken at about 10:15 am on July 6, 2012 from my apartment in Redondo Beach. They show the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s helicopter circling in front of my apartment twice and then hovering and dipping towards my picture window. When I saw what they were doing, I shut my blinds and grabbed my cellphone, stuck my arm outside and snapped these photos.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

13 comments on “L.A. County Sheriff’s Helicopter Harassment & Surveillance

    • You bet–and on steroids!!! I’ve been going through this at this intense surveillance level for over 7 years. They like to exploit us covertly and let us know any way that they can. This is satanic and my program and family has solid CIA, US Intelligence and Freemason involvement. The only saving grace–is just that–the grace of God and him risen.

      Thank you for reading and commenting while we still have the ability to do so. God bless you!

    • Long Beach rough these days. We have formed a group there called The Resistance, with other victims and witnesses to their corrupt activities. This has been happening to my family for years and I understand what UNWITTING EXPERIMENTEE means by “on steroids”. I was attacked today (as almost every day) by a cowboy from the Long Beach Police Dept flying dangerously low in circles just 2 hours ago. Check out my You Tube video from today, and others. Send me links to any others like us. Unfortuneately, everything you say is true (check out the May5 videos from Chanel 5 news copter at crack of dawn over house), though you may be reaching too far blaming the CIA, Freemasons, and G_d. They all may be compliciant but the devils are right in your back yard. lets compare notes sometime. And Larry King – hang in there.


      • I was harassed by Long Beach locals when I lived in Seal and Huntington Beach. How is it that you are able to form a group?
        I’ll check out the video. Stay safe, keep researching and never give up!

  1. Doctors medicine is all corrupt. Corporate fat cats run things and are culties. Do not tyr to go to these people. May Jjesus bless you and keep you. May the crazies running the “program” get whats coming to them. They are naazis.

    • The medical establishment and Big Pharma are all part of the eugenics agenda outlined in Agenda 21. This is a spiritual war waged against the human race. One has to dig very deep for the real truths to find out who and what is behind this war; it all was planned long, long ago.

      Finding peace and direction from God is a personal experience and is necessary in order to defend oneself in this war. God bless you and thank you for your comment.

    • There are many reasons to stay away from doctors and drugs, not the least of which is that they don’t cure anything or treat its primary cause. However, the medical/pharmaceutical industry feeds into the laziness of people, which also suits the eugenicists in charge of things. Everybody makes a bundle of cash while they actively work on shortening life spans and outright killing through dangerous drugs with killer side-effects and unnecessary surgeries.

      All things considered, I wouldn’t worry about getting chipped. Unless you have Obamacare; if so there is a mandate that everyone get chipped by March 23, 2013.

      Just some facts……

      • Your welcome!

        I hear you and I feel adamant about that, too. No thanks to chips, nanobots, and whatever nanotech we are being forced to choke down through breathing chemtrail soup!

        When it comes down to mind control technologies and torture weapons, there is no longer any need to have someone microchipped to torture and control them. Through brain entrainment programs, the brain’s EEG’s for human states, emotions and body frequencies are interpreted and downloaded on computer for future applications. Many people worldwide are currently tortured and controlled in this manner.

        We are living in the most evil of times. I don’t know about you, but God is my refuge and comforter. I wish that for all in this world.

        Thanks for your comments!

  2. from another thead:
    “the entire American public will be paranoid about their son or daughter being gang-stalked.”

    Americans should be very concerned about their son or daughter being gang stalked.

    You have a bunch of doctors running their asses around here sticking implants in people’s heads…

    You have a bunch of psycho stalking perverts with access to weapons systems with the ability to torture Americans in their own homes (for God-sake) and may be done from a foreign nation!

    Your local governments are complicit lying, conspiring, and sneaking around doing a bunch of shit they have no business or right doing without any recourse from federal authorities!

    Hell, the sole purpose of the federal government is to protect Americans from “military attack” and invasion and clearly that’s not being done.

    So hell yes, Americans should be very afraid or at the very least highly concerned.

    • Dear Baybunie,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this heinous program. I totally agree with you because most people don’t even realize that they are mind controlled from cradle to grave. The elite’s Luciferian agenda culminating in a one world government is so far along that they are proudly marching out their mind control weaponry to be used against Americans. These atrocities being committed against the human mind, body and soul are equivalent to the Nazi mind control tortures and experimentation done to “undesirables” and to the Jewish population during the Hitler regime. This is simply history repeating itself.

      These crimes are prolific worldwide and there are so many different ways to accomplish the torture and ruination of a person and so many people across the social strata willing to participate. It doesn’t take an advanced education to see that this is reaching epidemic proportions and that is by design. This is evidenced by all of the people who have sold their souls and are happy to flash the pyramid or one-eyed sign to affirm whom they serve.

      Make no mistake–these are the most evil of times and anyone with a shred of incorruptible goodness is at a high risk of becoming a casualty of this systemic mind control eugenics program. The only answer to this spiritual behavioral modification and control program is to accept God’s gracious provision for this sinful life in the acceptance of his son, Jesus Christ. When we draw close to God, he draws closer to us and sends us the great comforter, the Holy Spirit. Only God and love can heal the wounds and scars of being oppressed, rejected, and maligned just for being who we are. God rewards us for acting on our faith and for our obedience bringing us peace and joy in the midst of great persecution and suffering. He is our hope and our refuge in these dark times.

      God bless you~

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