Interesting Post on Why the Number of Targets is Increasing


Targeted Individuals: The Myth of ‘Non-Lethal’ Research

This post is about:
1.  Why the number of targeted individuals may be increasing.
2.  Why targeted individuals may be used in nonconsensual research.
3.  Why such research can never be regarded as valid.
Targeted Individuals consistently report that they are being used in research experiments. These innocent people are being tortured by criminals, and such torture is a crime against humanity. It is hard to think of a more distasteful subject than cruel nonconsensual experimentation on human beings, motivated by profiteering and greed.
In an earlier post on PerpeTraitor Profiles I mentioned a petition started in 2007, calling for a ban on electronic warfare on civilians.  To date the petition has received over 1500 over signatures, mainly from those describing themselves as TIs. An analysis of those signing the petition by year up to 13 June 2012 is…

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6 comments on “Interesting Post on Why the Number of Targets is Increasing

  1. from another thread:
    “the entire American public will be paranoid about their son or daughter being gang-stalked.”

    Americans should be very concerned about their son or daughter being gang stalked.

    You have a bunch of doctors running their asses around here sticking implants in people’s heads…

    You have a bunch of psycho stalking perverts with access to weapons systems with the ability to torture Americans in their own homes (for God-sake) and may be done from a foreign nation!

    Your local governments are complicit lying, conspiring, and sneaking around doing a bunch of shit they have no business or right doing without any recourse from federal authorities!

    Hell, the sole purpose of the federal government is to protect Americans from “military attack” and invasion and clearly that’s not being done.

    So hell yes, Americans should be very afraid or at the very least highly concerned.

    • Dear Baybunie,

      Thank you for sharing!

      Just as scary is the big picture. The culture (and just about all on earth) is totally brain-washed, mind controlled, dumbed-down, and nearly unable to recover from things like the NFL Referee scandal to really care about things like this. People seem to have an, “it won’t happen to me” attitude about this. We also have the pharmaceutical industry that wants everyone to destroy their health because we have drugs to fix it! Does the medical field ever cure any thing in this country?

      The Department of Homeland Security is fortifying this country like we were going to have a ground war with China tomorrow on American soil. The government is preparing for something BIG and if people don’t care to wake-up and stand up for their rights, they may not have any left.

      In the end, the whole thing is evil and will not prosper. Many people have already died, been institutionalized or both over this. Some of us don’t know how we will make it until the end of the week or year. We have today and we have the truth–let’s make the most of those that we can and shine the golden spike of truth to shatter the darkness.

      God bless you!

    • One thing I am thankful for is the fact that I can see & feel the implants they stuck in my head, whereas many people were implanted at birth & have no clue, because they have made the implants so tiny and are able to put them in places that they wouldnt find them unless they had a cat scan. Yet, those I have shown them to still deny they are real. Photo proof can be seen at:

      • Wow! I’ve seen the pictures and there is no doubt that you have been implanted. Its true, most people hope or assume that they have them, but it is very unnerving not knowing for certain.

        Nowadays, with brain entrainment, your brain frequencies can be remotely interpreted and downloaded onto a computer and accomplish the same as implants and so much more. This really has become like Frankenstein and, if you’re not a monster, you don’t belong.

        Thanks for linking to your incredible pictures!

      • Thank you for looking at them. I am grateful that you aren’t one of those ppl telling me they are “keloid scars” like that psychologist I saw who called me a liar. I am in the process of making a video about this I have two vids about the occult business they did to me on youtube under my name “musicis2words”. I just wish I could remove one. I tried myself, but it goes through to the other side & is much to deep. I would need a decent, honorable doctor, & I fear that those do not exist anymore.
        Thank you for your acknowledgment.
        I wish I could message you privately. There are some things I’d like to discuss in private.

      • Dear Mu,

        Leave the naysayers behind. Many of them feed off of our staying handled and will get their just desserts. Getting your truth out into the world is very important when you have suffered through human injustices of this nature. A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Go for it. March forward with confidence in your truth.

        If I knew that I had implants I would want them out, too. Just know that things might not change as people the same is possible without them. Thats what happened to me. I could feel them during the entrainment process and it is always coupled with sleep deprivation so that they can keep your brain in a more accessible state.

        Please, feel free to contact me privately. I will email you my contact information. You won’t believe all of the things that we have in common. I guess its why I understand your pain to a certain extent. People dismiss what is happening to us without even a thought or inquiry into evidence. What a horrible travesty and a new layer of abuse for a victim to suffer. Not cool.

        I look forward to hearing from you. Stay strong and follow your heart and things will get better.

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