My #1 Perpetrator at the Esplanade Apartment

In March of 2010, I moved from my aunt’s apartment into an apartment 2 blocks away on the Esplanade in Redondo Beach.  I had purchased a new lock for my aunt’s apartment and, when it seemed secure, I put one on the new apartment, too. During my move, there were many “men” hanging out in the garages and out side the garage area. I soon discovered that, not only did I not have security in one apartment, I now had no security in two! No matter what I have done–security systems, many high security deadbolt locks, other high-tech locks–I have never had security in this town nor has my cat ever been safe from the harm of local neighborhood sadists. I experience thefts, heavy vandalism and sabotage of all personal items and car, identity theft, bank account embezzlement, mail theft and tampering, UPS & FEDEX employee crimes to all packages prior to delivery, illegal surveillance of me in my residence with the filming and publishing of my body naked on the Internet and many tactics meant to create fear and terror, such as the maiming, plucking, drugging, cutting, toe pad and tail breakage and disfigurement of my cat, Marley. As mentioned previously, these organized criminals have also used Craigslist to publish false information about me and terroristic threats to my safety–both stated and implied. The Craigslist campaign started in 2007 when I was being “handled” by Chris Stock who told me to look on there for some strange reason–I found out why. Chris’ role in my story will have a post all its own.

As soon as the crimes began at the Esplanade apartment, there was one guy who was taking credit for them. Every time that I would discover that my apartment was vandalized and that my cat had been violently abused, my Anton LaVey lookalike neighbor  in the twin building next door would walk in front of my apartment window, stare in and laugh uncontrollably at my predicament. He would also post on Craigslist using the moniker “Jason Lee Cordeiro” posting from “Hollyweird” and the location “90027” (which is a twist on the 90277 zip code in Redondo Beach). Since I refused to go anywhere without security, I began a long period of time where I would go nowhere. My bald neighbor would address his “Jason Lee Cordeiro” posts to “Stuck in the House” in the “90027”. The posts were vile and talked about killing and rape. The Anton LaVey lookalike laughed hysterically as he would walk by and stare at me in my self-imposed fishbowl of exile. I would include evidence of all of the Craigslist harassment, however, my Craigslist, email, and other accounts have been hacked and the information erased. Also, my perpetrators have ruined no less than 5 computers that all contained incriminating evidence and pictures of much of the vandalism. My phones and camera memory cards have been routinely stolen also to eliminate the threat of pesky photographic evidence. Meanwhile, the crimes continued at my aunt’s apartment just two blocks away.

Also in March of 2010, both my aunt and my identities were stolen and my aunt’s credit cards were used in Europe. We were relegated to using cash and my aunt insisted on carrying large amounts until the new credit and ATM cards arrived. Naturally, my wallet was stolen with a large amount of cash in it and my aunt was being stolen from during this time. Also the bank manager of the US bank on Catalina, Ana Brianchesco, was in the process of embezzling upwards of $40,000 from my savings account. I suspect that my aunt’s account was being embezzled from by her also, but the bank refused to  investigate even though they fired the manager. Also, my aunt’s appointed trustee for her trust–E. Thomas Moroney–set her trust up so that none of her money was in interest-bearing accounts. I discovered that fact and told Tom to change the situation no less than 3 times in a period of 1 1/2 years; to no avail, Tom repeatedly opened up new checking accounts for the money rather than putting it into interest-bearing savings accounts. The bank and my aunt’s criminal defense attorney trustee, Tom Moroney, were complicit in the mishandling and misappropriation of these monies. My aunt made no interest, but she made the bank tons of it!

My Aunt was dying and it was my duty to take the best care of her that I could as I had my uncle. The stress of having two lives being actively destroyed along with a young animal and two apartments was, at times, overwhelming. I began to get my friend Bernard to come over to watch my apartment so that I could get provisions so that my personal items and cat would be safe. However, my aunt was my priority and she was a medically complicated woman dying of metastasized breast cancer and I took care of her fully knowing that my animal would be abused and the apartments and our personal items would be vandalized and denigrated the whole time that I was gone.

There are many things to tell about the 2 1/2 years that I have had the Esplanade apartment, but I am here to report about the main perpetrator as I have already published that I would if the crime did not stop. This reporting of all criminal activities is done with a thoughtful heart and absolute truthful certainty. The only threat against them is exposure as anyone whose name is submitted into this extrajudicial program is put on a list where the police look to accuse them of a crime/s and seem to attempt to intimidate and malign them. Even when there was obvious blood in numerous places in my bathroom and my apartment and personal items were obviously vandalized, the police would not investigate and the detective assigned called my crazy mother and eccentric friend in attempts to dig up dirt and spread suspicion about meNot only had I done nothing wrong, but my Christian values have guided my actions for years and I am incapable of intentionally hurting others. I also had achieved a lot for a woman in my 40’s prior to all of this contrived chaos to ruin my life and had a long record of stability.

Anton LaVey Lookalike Demonic Behavior

Its been obvious since day 2 that the apartment manager was part of this coordinated assault on my life because he charged me $100 for a refrigerator that I found out on day 2 was included with my apartment. The refrigerator was immediately vandalized and I had to purchase a new one. Just one perfect example of how everyone makes money on an organized stalking target. The Esplanade apartment manager said that he had to rearrange the garages and would give me a garage with an opener; when he did, the garage was located right under “Anton’s” apartment so that he could hear me come and go. Many a time when my car had been vandalized, “Anton” would come out when I was just discovering the damage and give me the evil eye much like his namesake in this picture.

This evil eye or stink eye, as the surfers refer to it, is used ubiquitously in organized stalking. When Chris Stock changed his program with me he would end our visit with a soulless stink eye glare. This glare is used to try to incite fear and intimidation within the victims of this full-frontal assault on one’s life and very soul. I believe that the satanic people that do this are operating at a very low frequency vibration as all negative emotions resonate at such. People, such as myself, that are optimistic are used to weak people trying to tear us down however they can over the entirety of our lives. I exercise the emotions of love, forgiveness, joy, peace and long-suffering and vibrate at a much higher frequency as a result. In my opinion, these satanic stalkers are emotional vampires and, like demons, have to feed off of the positive goodness in others and, as such, plan their destruction. I have read that, to satanists, the purer or more innocent the sacrifice, the more power that is derived from it. On a spiritual level, we are sacrifices that these demonic gang members make in order to attain spiritual power, to obtain control over others, to achieve street credibility and to move up within the occult organization. I have had the displeasure of running into many of these demonic gang stalkers as a surfer, both in and out of the water. Their energy and vibration is so dissimilar to mine that I can feel it before I can even catch a glance at the evil stink eye glare that is inevitably searing in my direction.

The most common characteristic of these crimes is that the perpetrators want you to know exactly who is doing the crime. And, if for some reason you miss the enormous hints and clues that are being hurled in your direction by the proud perpetrator who is aching for acknowledgement and for signs that his victim is indeed being terrorized, they are all too happy to write it on Craigslist or come up and rub it squarely in your face. Most targets miss many of these clues for quite some time and have stories of how their perpetrators finally broke down and wrote it on the wall for them so that they could get on with the business of being terrified. In my case, that was their purpose in using Craigslist–to literally clue me into what Organized Gang Stalking is and all of the tactics, skits and ploys used in the attempts they were using to accomplish their goal of creating mental instability and, hopefully, my suicide or early death. Most of these psychological games were created long ago and are tried and true methods to attempt to have a person question their own minds and perceptions. Many were tested and perfected in Nazi Germany and carried out by the Stasi. They are also tactics that have been long attributed to Freemasons and, most recently, the Church of Scientology.

I have many stories about the Anton LaVey lookalike, but I will share that since I began attempting to get his picture he has behaved quite differently. He gets real mad and immediately fumbles for his own phone and whips it out and takes my picture of me taking his–as if the whole world couldn’t tell who the sadistic, perverted, and psychopathic stalker without a job (other than the destruction of me, my animal and my property) is. Yeah, right. Good one, Anton!

Last Wednesday, as I was cleaning the carpets of the schmegma that he smeared all over them earlier, I noticed Anton approaching the apartment building on the walking path outside my picture window. As soon as he saw that I saw him, he turned around and walked in the opposite direction. He was already at the apartment building, but his fear of me taking his picture prompted him to go the long way around, down the walking path, up the steps and walkway and down the street in the other direction and to the front of the building.

When he had left to go on his two hour lunch while he was off-duty from harassing and surveilling me, he craned his head the other way and, when he turned it back to see where he was going, he reached around his head with his whole arm to obscure his profile. His arm resembled that of a frequent arm position of monkeys and was awkward and obvious. After 2 1/2 years of this guy violating me and my life in every way costing me my freedom, my safety, my cash, my food, my vitamins and provisions, the skin and bones of my animal, and the vandalism of every piece of clothing, furniture, trinket and book that I own, I am supposed to care what this sadistic lowlife wants? I think not. Hence, I waited about 5 minutes and set myself up at the entrance to the building to try to get a picture of Anton the perpetrator. I figured if it turns out, its providential as he was moving briskly and the camera phone has a delay. I will post his picture and you can judge for yourself.

Since I am being radiated in my apartment and have suffered many deleterious affects, as has my cat, I feel that I need to expose these people and what they do with an air of urgency and immediacy. I have waited a long time until I was sure that it was just about truthful disclosure and with no ill intention, such as vindictiveness, or revenge. This is my tenth year of being targeted in this program and many of my stalkers and handlers for years have been surfers. I have many things to tell and, since nothing changes and Anton and company have made my life next to impossible, I am going to  shine a light on these sadistic, lower frequency, vampiric, demonic souls and what they are doing to me and many others with sheer delight and with the complicity of the local police department. You may want to rethink moving to Redondo Beach if you value your health, privacy and safety.

Primary Perpetrator at the Esplanade Apartment

4 comments on “My #1 Perpetrator at the Esplanade Apartment

  1. your maintanace man, is offered a great bribe to give a copy of your key. and some landlords even get involved.they are also getting into homes where like u u have your own lock changed.we had to use a numbered pad lock to stop our home pet did not survive the torture.

    • These criminals have a variety of ways to get a copy of your key. My last 3 apartment managers have been conspirators and 2 were thieves. I have purchased many high security deadbolt locks, several security systems, and camera systems. Not only did none of this work, but neither does a mechanical push-button lock with thousands of lock combination variables.

      The level and scope of technological development today makes all of these nightmares possible. There are numerous ways to read the visual cortex of the mind (where your thoughts go before you act on them) and interpret the electrical signals into words. This is being tested across the populous and experienced by many of us. As I am sure you are aware, it is also used to drive an individual crazy and to compel them into acting out or into Big Pharma’s psychiatric labeling system to be handled by Big Brother forever.

      In order to try to keep my pet safe, I have to program my lock every time I go out and NOT memorize the combination. I won’t tell you how I do that, but there are several ways to program the lock and only look at the number once. Whew, the things that I have done for years just to keep my perps from coming in and hurting my animal, dumping & stealing, vandalizing and smearing feces around! Meanwhile, the carnage abounds.

      I am sorry about your beloved pet. I, too, lost one to this. The only way that I have found through this is giving it all to God. Its too much for us to handle on our own.

      The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a
      refuge in times of trouble. And they that know thy
      name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast
      not forsaken them that seek thee.
      ~Psalm 9:9,10

      Thank you for sharing. God bless you as you make your way.

  2. oh you told your story so good. iwish i could break mine down that could. i beeing one of j.w. since birth. my stalking became full blown outright tring to murder me by my handlers. my pet was beat and posioned inside my home when ever i left her alone.

    • Dear eniced,

      Thank you for your generous compliment. When our handlers use this program to wake us up to the reality that we have been mind controlled our whole lives, our minds then revisit the past and rewrite our perceptions to reflect the truth that we are now privy. In my experience, this adds great depth and understanding to our life’s journey, but also brings up previously unreachable memories and new questions arise. It just takes time to process and assimilate information that has been hidden from us our whole lives.

      The life of a non-consensual, no touch torture experiment is excruciatingly difficult in every way. There are so many orchestrated circumstances designed to ruin your health, to bleed you of your finances, to keep you in constant stress, to keep you from getting/keeping employment–sabotage of everything that you hold dear and a smear campaign that creates a bogus community bias against us, that I am surprised we adapt and function as well as we do. There are so many crimes–where do you start and how do you tell a story that seemingly would take 3 month’s of writing to tell?

      I am sorry for the loss of your pet. One of the most effective ways that is used to traumatize us is through our animals. To a balanced human being, animal torture is a very severe crime; and these sad perpetrators poison and kill them slowly all of the time. By hurting innocents–children, animals, the elderly, the naive–these sadists show what motivates them and gives them power.

      Keeping us in a post-traumatic and isolated condition are 2 of the main goals of the operatives of these Stasi crimes. Don’t let them get away with it–tell your story, commiserate with others who are also survivors, and do not live in fear of this cowardice that is diffusing through the world.

      I am reminded of holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl. A neurologist and psychiatrist for the Nazi’s, he and his family were separated and tortured in concentration camps; he being the only survivor. There, he discovered the importance of finding meaning in all forms of existence, even the most torturous. He wrote:

      Between stimulus and response there is a space.
      In that space is our power to choose our response. In our
      response lies our growth and our freedom.
      ~Viktor E. Frankl

      That has been the challenge of countless thousands before us and that is the challenge that we must face today.

      God bless you as you search for peace and fulfillment.

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