What I just posted on Craigslist that will never appear…

Posted to the San Diego Craigslist at 9:42 am, Feb. 6, 2012:

Craigslist is used by gang bangers and criminals and must be run by them, too.  So many legitimate postings that never make it to the board, show up as active in my account, and as expired when doing an internet search.  The only reason that I am posting here is because Chris Stock told me in 2007 that I should check it out. Of course, that afternoon there was a posting about me on there and I became sensitized to the fact that they wanted to use Craigslist to clue me in. This is the first and only message board that I have ever written on because there are so many phonies on all of the sites supporting organized gang stalking targets. They are running all of the hatred on here, post drug info, and basically look for unwitting victims to pursue while they slander and sensitize others whose lives they have hijacked!
While investigating all of the personal information that was showing up on Rants & Raves about my life, I found that one of my neighbors was running an internet site with pictures and videos of underage girls in every perverted context that you can imagine. This guy, Eric Garcia, uses proxy servers and jests about never being caught because of that.  When I told the detective that was handling my case of gang stalking/vandalism, he told me that he was also in charge of cyber crimes and made me give him the information on the guy. Within two days, not only was the site gone, but the thousands of internet searches that would pop-up when you put the site’s name into a search engine disappeared. Poof! The site was called, http://www.toob.us.com. Eric would use his own forum pages under 10 different avatars to stalk and reveal personal information about me that could only be obtained through breaking and entering and the installation of covert cameras.
The manager of my apartment building, Steve Moore, who was dealing speed from his apartment also would write about me and pull pranks on me in the building. After over 8 years of criminal activity including: cat torture and poisoning, car theft and vandalism including lots of tire nails and bolts and mysteriously compromised brake lines on a brand new car, i.d. theft, bank embezzlement, stolen wallet and personal items and papers, sabotage of all electronics and personal equipment (3 computers and 2 additional hard drives in 3 years), prank and threatening phone calls (Do you like your medicine that you ordered? Yes, you ordered medicine and you are going to get more), direct and indirect death threats, told that ex-boyfriend (who is responsible for starting this) killed another girlfriend years ago on Maui, told that Lou Abbondante is from mafia and so I will be taken all the way down, tampering with all personal items, blocked and followed around apartment and in the community.
In June of 2010, I got no mail the whole month and that is when Ana Brianchesco, the bank manager, was embezzling from my bank account, every package that comes from UPS or FEDEX is pre-opened by them, the contents taken out of the package and vandalized, put back in and delivered vandalized. All personal papers are all bent up and important ones are stolen. The ex-boyfriend vandalized and destroyed my Aunt’s house and these guys have severely vandalized 3 apartments. Food, vitamins and medicines are tampered with and disgusting toxic substances are rubbed all over the carpeting after they fray them every time that they come in and plants are trashed and broken. Do you get the picture? EVERYTHING–every sock, every bottle is scratched and contents dumped, every fiber of every new and old thing is vandalized. All furniture is vandalized to the point of being trash whether it is a 150 year-old antique or brand new furniture. They also scratch-up and remove the varnish and stains from all furniture. All glass and porcelain and every dish, nick knack and trinket are vandalized and knifed. The proof is everywhere and quite obvious.
Oh, by the way, most locksmiths are criminals looking for another vulnerable target as are many in the security camera and alarm businesses.I had to stop surfing because, in Huntington, Archie’s crew would have my car ransacked and my gear vandalized. No security. Got mobbed in the South Bay on my skates and so I turned into a runner. As a runner, every day my apartment would be vandalized and robbed while I was gone. In the beginning for the first 6 months, Eric Garcia would be the lookout person waiting for me at the end of every run. All of my shoes and socks are stretched-out by these losers so that I would get problems with blisters and callouses because of the stretched-out footwear. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes and they stretch them all out from a size small to at least a medium and stretch-out the necks and waistbands making it nearly impossible to hide underwear and personal areas.
They really try to terrorize you; so they want you to know what they are doing and how far-reaching it is to add to the hopelessness and the powerlessness of the situation. This is an evil being perpetrated on strong, single women and the vulnerable in society. My situation started with car vandalism in June 2003 and by 2006 had crescendoed into pervasive mobbing, covert taping of me in my apartment, gaslighting, street theater, foreshadowing and predictive programming through Chris Stock and the Craigslist Rants & Raves stories about me, theft, and pervasive vandalism of all items of mine and my aunts. They like to put bugs and disgusting greasy schmegma inside and on things. Basically, after they come in and do their thing, I have to wash every sheet, blanket, towel, clothing item, my cat, carpets and every dish. Throw out shampoos and personal items that have been compromised with bleach or oil or???? –altogether about 2 solid weeks of clean-up work.I thought that the whole situation was about loyalty.
I put up with a certain amount of crap because they had circulated a rumor that I was a rat. I had surfed with these guys for years and was always quiet and respectful in and out of the water. It was hard for me to figure out what was happening because, just like every other target, I hadn’t done anything wrong to anybody to provoke it. Chris spent 2 and 1/2 years sensitizing me to things, giving me hints, and acting as a handler and a communique as what was happening at my new apartment in Redondo since I no longer lived or surfed in Huntington Beach. I now know that Richard, Lou, Chris and others had profiled me for a long time and felt that I was still very broken from my divorce and family issues and that I was a good candidate to teach a lesson.
Since the internet is being censored, going completely against our first amendment rights, I am coming forward. I am not going to die in vain or be done away with in a FEMA camp or worse without letting others know what is going on and how local authorities are protecting these guys and running internet sites. I am a good woman who lives by her Christian principles and am being oppressed because of that and my circumstances by the local satanist/Luciferian surf crew and drug dealers.And no, I don’t expect a good outcome. I wouldn’t put names or faces to these crimes if I hadn’t been contemplating my mortality for a long, long time. Knowledge is POWER and God draws close to the oppressed and affirmed. I am one of the lucky ones as I have kept my sense of self and have become stronger through this. I am completely unwilling to compromise my Christian principles–from the inception of these crimes to today–and am not afraid to accept the fate of one who takes a stand out of principle and TRUTH.  We are in the last days, good people. You can dawn your eye of Horus and your pyramid while you getmicrochipped or give in to the truth of God inside of you, humble yourself and be saved in the end.  The Bible is wrought with God’s people being tested, persecuted and unjustly imprisoned and killed. The scriptures are a treasure trove for those such as myself that have not had a fair chance and have been singled out because of WHO YOU ARE.  People who love God in their hearts shine his light through their being and eyes. Satanic people can see this anddesire your energy, your spirit, and even, your life.This is all about spiritual warfare since the beginning of time.

Face it.  No matter how many people you steal from and sacrifice, you will never be like God.

No matter how much power you get from your rituals and sacrifices, you will never be able to create anything and will one day be enslaved under the same type of system that you now impose on others.

This is all biblical and has played out over the millennia.  Although no one wants to be accused of things that they are incapable of and be put through this, these guys are only projecting their own weaknesses on to their targets and when the tables are turned, their hell will be a lot worse than an innocent one’s because they will live in the reality that they are reaping what they have sown.

Get your affairs in order and decide if this is what you are willing to do for power in this life. There are other ways to obtain power rather than seeking to perform mind control on others and kill them spiritually.

Coming forward in this way, I feel fairly certain that I will be falsely accused of something and disappear or imprisoned. The only reason that it hasn’t happened yet is because I don’t do anything wrong and have always been committed to God’s principles. These guys know that I am incapable of hurting them back or seeking revenge in any way because of my principles. The guys in Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach spent  years testing that out making sure that I was true to my Christian principles.

Its never too late to change the road you’re on.  But for those who pick the high road, you will be persecuted and tested in an attempt to break and ruin you.  God uses evil people to make his people stronger in character and able to endure great hardships in his name.  Either you draw to God for supernatural guidance and strength or the enemy will be successful.  And that’s how this goes.

God bless my loved ones and those courageous ones whose brave actions have given me perspective and strength.  Eventually, you get what you give.

  • Location: F*** SOPA–its here!
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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10 comments on “What I just posted on Craigslist that will never appear…


    Patriot here.

    Please copy/paste on internet randomly, for days as this will be censored.

    There is an small apartment complex, next to a Church, across from Union Pediatric Associates PA: Krul Geddy J MD(381 Chestnut Street Union, NJ 07083), and on same street, where these STALKING OPERATIVES may be operating from. Including, one possible agent driving a Green Explorer, short guy wears a pony tail. May be switching vehicles. This guy seems like the Zimmerman type, a crony of a cop. Another guy, looks like fireman lives there. The place seems to be a covert station for neighborhood stalkers. Please google: POLICE GANGSTALKING. This involves all kinds of rabble (cronies). They target innocent people. Operatives, including fire and police, may be involved in trafficking of substances as well. Above the law!!! Your tax dollars going to the BLACK BUDGET…Since the pubblic is distracted, they continue…in plain sight! Some are senior citizens. All appear to be Anglo-German American.

    Basically, police, firemen, security rabble (and cronies) appear to be attacking/stalking citizens COVERTLY (network)…in many cases for having reported crime,looking different,or”just because”. The electronic surveillance works in tandem with breaking into homes. Do the math (NSA 5 million agents).They stalk/monitor to watch, and report home vulnerability, so they can break in, plant devices, or steal. You will find network operatives at the Burger joint next to GALLOPING HILL INN (Esp.during local car show), local hospital, YMCA, etc., and even outside Seven Eleven, using bluetooth communications.They are petty criminals, some authorized to serve, but instead, as Kennedy warned…they are part of a secret network… many use the masonic symbol..low level idiots. Hangouts include Lodges like Rotary, knights of Columbus, Elks, etc. Those are akin to covens. Just google images:FRATERNAL SATANIC ORDER OF POLICE. What Kennedy warned about.

    There is reason to believe some of these surveillance types have been breaking into homes COVERTLY…please see:

    “SNEAK AND PEEK” (authorizing police to come into your home while you are not there). That’s what surveillance is for. The stalking is to watch and see when homes are “isolated, so they can plant bugs (entrapment), or steal (GPS tracking devices planted on your car). An unlimited black budget of your tax dollars at work. By organized criminals.

    God help us all.

    P.S. what is Elks, Lions, and the rest of fraternal centers, but..Satanic lodges.

    Video if you are not the go along to get along type that’s destroying this world:

    • I regret that I am just getting this comment. I apologize for the delay. I am so sorry that you are experiencing all of this and hope that you keep researching and reaching out so as not to become isolated and hopeless. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing. God bless you.

  2. My perps/neighbors posted things about me on CL R&R too before I realized I was a TI last summer. Weird messages, they even had a moniker for me. Your blog is very good, I started writing one last fall too. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I am in Southern Cal too, do you still live here?

    • Wow, I am just finding this over a year afterward. I’m bummed. I am going through each and every post because my blog had everything removed but the posts by Big Bro and here is your comment. Thank you so very much for commenting. I hope that you are a follower and that you will get this message.

      They are using anything and everything to run PsyOps on people and Craigslist, FB, Twitter, and all message boards and internet radio show are infiltrated with government operatives. Please see the post that I posted today featuring a video of the late William Cooper. It is all about PsyOps and government programs to subvert the truth, cause chaos or gather information about us. Its 1984 and Brave New World (especially because of the Soma)!

      Thank you for the compliment and the comment. I am still in So Cal and it has been on full tilt for 7 solid years (plus a whole lot more before full implementation). Thank you for reading and I believe I know what blog is yours, however, I will make sure I find you and check it out. Thanks and God bless you fellow Southern Californian being targeted and tortured.

  3. Hey… you mentioned in this post, that you might disappear… I just want to see if your okay. I worry about other targets. I was implanted against my will, & without my knowledge or consent. I hear voices thru these implants, & they are visible at the following document entitled, “Born Into Slavery” @ scribd.com.

    They do terrible smear campaigns on us, to turn honest people against the targets. I was adopted thru catholic organization, & I believe I was sold into slavery to be a TI later in life. As if it was set up thru MK Ultra, or something, at my birth. When I have contacted people who say they help people like me… someone gets to them, and they eventually stop communbication.

    They have used MindControl, Electronic Harassment, DEWs, etc. I am in pain everyday in my privates- feeling like electroshock, and I even have muscle contractions. I live in fear that I will disappear as well, and/or be framed for something I haven’t done, although I am living a perfectly legal life, despite my pain & the fact that I cannot get any pain relief.

    Anyway, I hope your are staying safe. I live in fear every day.

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