First Written Record of My Organized Stalking in Redondo & Huntington Beaches

JANUARY 1, 2012

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Thessalonians 5:21


I wasn’t sure how I would commence on such a daunting task, but life is forcing my hand to expose the evil that has attempted to ruin every facet of my life for over 9 years.

Yesterday, I went to visit my friends whom I haven’t seen lately because my cat and I have been in Virginia for Christmas. The reason I had to take my cat with me is because of the abuse that he suffers at the hands of the sadists who enter my apartment every time that I leave.   When I got home from seeing my friends, I found a large blood smudge on my kitchen counter and blood on a receipt of merchandise that I had sent to Virginia while I was there. Although I have a new code programmed into my keyless deadbolt, I had put my new clothes in my suitcase and had put it out on my balcony in relenting to the possibility that the intruders could get in. I have left a total of three times since getting home; my cat has only had one stool since and it was runny and bloody. I will call the vet for a home visit this week if I suspect that the blood came from my cat.

Blood on Interior Knob and Exterior of Keyless Deadbolt

Blood Stain on Receipt from Virginia–Occurred 12/31/11


The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Psalm 9:9



     In this blog I intend to expose the day to day problems and issues that I encounter as I try to exist surrounded by crime and criminals.  I will also go back to when this all started with Richard Hughes and his friend, Lou. I will go in depth and detail the particular role that Chris Stock played for 2 1/2 years as my handler for which he was well paid.

     It is an exhausting life, but rewarding in that where there is strife and oppression God is a stronghold for those who believe. By His grace, I have grown tremendously and, as promised, God can work all things for good according to His purpose. Indeed, in my trials he has forged strength, courage and endurance. I am grateful for God’s unfailing love, my health, being a mother, and the ability to speak the truth in the face of evil incarnate. I ask for God’s protection and deliverance daily and I put my life and future in his hands as he is the way, the truth and the life.

     God bless all of those who come forward to expose the truth about the horrible paradigm and vigilante program of organized/cause/gang stalking and electronic terrorism and harassment.

14 comments on “First Written Record of My Organized Stalking in Redondo & Huntington Beaches

  1. im the father of a national hero. my son was one of the 19 hotshot firefighters who were killed in Yarnell AZ in 2013. Im still his daddy andi always told him that the sign of a strong person was when your beaten and down on the floor and you cant get up , you get up one more time , every time. These sick weak people are followers and puppets. going along with the crowd. simpletons really. I have zero fear of these punks and God help them if I ever catch one on my property. they will never leave there alive, and that will be after a long process that I will enjoy, fucking cowards who play little coward games. I say ……come get me…… step up and show you faces and will see how you do. I have a very special set of skills and they know that. I urge them to step up their game cause nothing they do can effect me. yeah… its bothersome, but the day will come when they slip up and make a mistake. im always situation aware, . weak little stalking pussy that they are. stay strong in who you are and rise above the followers of that sick world they play in. god will one day punish those who participate in other peoples undoing.

  2. Have you looked at the Department of Justice’s (awesome, Orwellian doublespeak with that name) National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan? It basically reveals the prerogative to surveil people, broadcast the surveillance/harassment to anyone within a classified network (all your enemies, friends maybe, family) and even mentions in sinister, vague terms ‘methods’ which might be used to coerce people into compliance with the program, which as you know is designed to objectivize, isolate, humiliate and neutralize the target. The FBI’s origins in Freemasonry are fairly well extrapolated from an understanding of Hoover’s directorship in the FBI, their tactics, which are illegal and mirror those of occult/Left Hand Path societies, and his 33rd degree membership in the Scottish Rite. Of course the military, the CIA (National Clandestine Service) and any civilian they want to use, are all involved. The breadth of the program can only be understood when one realizes that this is an intentional subversion/sabotage program of our civilization, and then the spiritual implications become obvious.

    The torture, segregation, psychological warfare and basic encirclement of the target is witchcraft and sorcery extrapolated onto the social/policing level. The program to which you and I and millions are being exposed is of course right out of a hypothetical witchcraft/Freemasonic playbook. Was it Isaiah who said something like, “every one will oppress his neighbor, and will not speak the truth?” Maybe it was Jeremiah. It might be comforting to know that you are worthy of segregation by a Lucifarian society emerged.

  3. Was your targeting better or worse when you traveled to Virginia? I do know from personal experience that they exercise grave Nazi-like cruelty in the Northern part of the state.

    • Interesting question. Nothing could match the level of stalking and weaponry used on me in Redondo Beach as I was being killed with remote frequency weapons. I also couldn’t leave my apartment without them coming in and chemically poisoning and physically abusing my cat, vandalizing everything and leaving sadistic clues behind.

      When I went to Virginia, I was pulled aside prior to boarding the plane (just like the last time that I visited in 2002) and given a thorough pat-down and examination of my carry on items. Just prior to visiting my longtime friends, I discovered that they were involved in Freemasonry and witchcraft. The targeting while staying there and visiting was psychological where the conversations were ones that eluded to their philosophies which stand in complete opposition to my Christian values and beliefs. I took 2 plane trips back to the Los Angeles area and, for both of them, I had one business-looking man that followed me around the airports grinning at me and always went where I went. I had a 2 hour layover in D.C. (as did he) and he made sure to follow me around and eat where I ate. Although I ignored him, he came to the section of the plane where I was and gave me his little grin. After we landed in Los Angeles, I never saw him again. And that was that.

      But when I got home, my apartment had been completely vandalized and changed to the extent that they had even replaced every light bulb. At that point, I began to be radiated with microwave frequencies all day and night. After I realized that I had every symptom of radiation sickness in February of 2012, I bought a trifield meter and began taking readings, discovering that the frequencies that measured clear off the meter were being beamed down the center wall of my apartment leaving only a 4’X 4′ area in the back corner of the apartment that wasn’t “hot”. Turning the circuit breakers off made no difference in the frequencies whatsoever.

      By the way, I was visiting Southwestern Virginia.

      Thanks for reading my story and for commenting!

  4. This is exactly the words I have been looking for… ‘life is forcing my hand to expose the evil that has attempted to ruin every facet of my life for over 9 years.’ Mine started in 2004, by 2005 I knew the world around me had changed towards only me almost 10 years ago. However, in 2002 I can think of the actual beginning. Everything on our site, is exactly what has happened to me, as well and I am on the other side of the country. Amazing.

    • I know, Lissa. I have always identified with the things that you have shared. We are both what I refer to as “high level” targets.

      The actual break-ins and vandalism started for me in 1997. By 1998, they were ruining refrigerators, vacuums, my car and stealing my underwear and personal items.

      But, I have actually been a target long, long before that and was being completely controlled my whole life. Every time that I broke free after my divorce and had no men in my life, the targeting always increased. They controlled me through my relationships and after breaking free of the control, I woke up. That is what they were trying to prevent for years.

      After waking up, it has been all about them trying to instill fear in me, except I was an extreme athlete until recently and have no fear of cowards nor pain. Not that I am not affected by the torture–I am–but I am not afraid of it. My faith in YHWH and Yeshua is what comforts me and sees me through.

      I feel a responsibility to my fellow humans to reveal to them the truth that I have learned, whether they are ready for it or not. The truth is not a popular thing and those that espouse it are rejected and ridiculed. This does not deter me from what I have been put into this position to do. As I have pulled away from the ways of the world, I have drawn close to YHWH our creator and redeemer. I can actually say that I am able to experience joy and have peace even though my life is full of tumult and horrors. The healing of my past and my broken heart is something that I could never have accomplished no matter how many years passed. It is God’s gift to me and I love him with all of my heart for seeing me through this and for keeping my heart sensitive and caring and preserving my love for truth.

      Thank you for connecting with me and for allowing us to know you through your thousands and thousands of postings and writings. I know of no other person that has done more to expose the crimes and educate others more than you have, Lissa. You are an inspiration to me and so many. I truly appreciate you reading my story and taking the time to comment. Our precious lives have been under assault, but the Lord can refine our spiritual selves in the process. Be strong and know the Lord our God, our strength. You are in my heart and prayers, my friend. Always! Lynn

      • You speak for me.. I’m just a messenger. I am grateful to you and select others, and to be a target or I would had never have the knowledge, courage nor the strength to do just that — expose so that others would know they are not, nor ever alone. Its hard, yes I’ve been harmed more, but like you I realize this goes further back… You be strong as well and I will ring you this week.

        We are his witnesses.
        Godspeed. Lissa

      • I identify with everything that you say!
        We are both blessed to have survived and humbled ourselves to have become messengers. The battle is already won and Yeshua is King and Savior! Through our weakness, he is strong and able to lead us for our divine purpose. Many are called, but few are chosen.

        Thank you for reaching out and for the encouragement. Fellowship with another targeted has been my hope and prayer for a long time. Glory be to God in the highest!
        He is faithful and true! Godspeed to you~Lynn

  5. 7/3/2014 My experiences with COINTELPO began back in 1945 from my childhood upset reaction to the pictures of the end of WWII and the cordwood stacks of bodies of dead men, women, and children, row upon row in the field of view of the camera. I was only about 8 years old and was deeply effected by it. No adult would answer my questions for answers to my pleas and tears for answers. None were forthcoming from anyone, not even my own parents. They were upset with me being upset and voiced chiding comments to me to stop as I was drawing too much attention! I didn’t understand about Hitler and his eugenics programs for genocide in those days but they were very much for him and his twisted mind and ethics. What does the mind of a child know? Anyway, streams of ‘visitors’ would come to my home of those days and talk to my parents. Very seldom would I be of direct interest to their probling questions. Some were FBI from the church we went to and others were sheriffs or some such collection of judases. One particular individual was named Underhill of Riverside County. I’ll share more in some other venue if you choose to communicate back. I’m going to be 77 soon and am put on by much COINTELPRO garbage that I only recently beacme aware of their name and crimes of imfamy. A revealing scripture is Jeremiah 51:20 to 64 for your understanding. I’ve been a weapon and weapons system designer across a number of decades. For some of your understanding, look up on the net, YAL-1 747, GBU-57, B-2, B-61, Eniwetok Joint Task Force 7.3, Operation Hardtack, DSP Program, TSAR BOMBA, and Pacific Missille Range. Even today, 7/3/2014 a gang stalking event happened upon me in trying to get my mail by some human garbage.

    • I am so sorry for your life experiences as a target. Many people’s targeting begins in childhood; I know that mine did.

      You did not say where the pictures of WWII that you saw were published and where you lived at the time. Trauma in childhood changes us and our lives forever.

      I was also curious as to why the FBI and sheriffs were coming to your home and why they were questioning your parents.

      I looked up the missile testing of Operation Hardtack and would be interested in anything more that you have to say.

      I am so sorry to hear that you have been a target your whole life and still experience the organized stalking at your stage in life. Its incredibly tiresome; especially, knowing that it will never stop or go away.

      Thanks for sharing from Jeremiah. I read the text but have it marked for an in depth study for greater understanding.

      Thank you for reading and sharing. I hope to hear from you again. God bless you. Lynn

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